The Tampa Bay Buccaneers did plenty on their own to cause Sunday's 31-24 road loss to the New Orleans Saints, but their head coach still isn't thrilled with the help their opponent got from the officials.

Following Sunday's loss, the Bucs' first road defeat of the 2019 season, Arians voiced his displeasure regarding the game's officiating.

In the first half, the Bucs appeared to have forced key fumble on a punt return, with Tampa Bay tight end Antony Auclair emerging from the pile with the ball. Arians challenged the play, but officials ruled the ball would remain with the Saints because they deemed there was not a clear recovery of the fumble. 

After the game, Arians called their ruling "baffling."

"They blew the call," Arians said in his postgame press conference. "Simple. Clear recovery on a fumble . . . He came running out of the pile with it, and they knew it, before they went to replay. It's all coming from New York."

Regarding another challenge he made in the second half, alleging Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas pushed off on Bucs cornerback Vernon Hargreaves III on a long completion, Arians was in disbelief that a penalty wasn't called after the play was reviewed.

"If that's not (offensive pass interference, I don't know what the hell is," Arians said. "A two-hand shove, knocked the guy backwards. They said they were hand-fighting. Yeah, they were hand-fighting, but that doesn't knock the guy backwards."

Tampa Bay struggled in many ways on both sides of the ball Sunday, but in a one-score game, things can turn in either direction on a turnover or a penalty that negates a big play. Those calls didn't go the Bucs way this time around, and their head coach wasn't shy about his thoughts on the matter.