HC Dirk Koetter: "We were horrific in all aspects of the game today."

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Q. Talk about your defense if you can or the lack thereof. Last year you guys were a force in the league, and through four games you were a force.

DIRK KOETTER: We were horrific in all aspects of the game today. All aspects.

Q. Have you considered making a change at defensive coordinator from what you've seen?

DIRK KOETTER: Based on that game today, we couldn't make enough changes. We should fire every person that was on that field today starting with me. That was horrific.

Q. Anything you did differently than the first three games?

DIRK KOETTER: No, this is all 100 percent on us. Give Chicago credit for making the plays, but we were not good in any aspects, and as far as we could talk about what plays are called on both sides, and we definitely could have coached better today, there's no question about that, but Mike Smith didn't make any tackles or turn any guys loose on coverage. You guys can make those any way you want, but we got beat in all aspects today and in coaching.

Q. Do you chalk this up as a clunker game or today or a sign of something that's a greater problem?

DIRK KOETTER: We don't know that right now, unfortunately. I'm sure there will be plenty of speculation about that. But not going to know that until you play again. It's certainly not the way we want to go into our bye week, of course not. We got off to a hot start and now two losses in a row going into the bye week, but at the same time, it is 1-16, and I don't say that with any happiness in my voice. I mean, we stunk today in all aspects.

Q. What was the game plan with Jameis in the second half? Just wanted to get him work before the end maybe?

DIRK KOETTER: Towards the end of the half, I told the coaches that we were going to switch to Jameis. I talked to Jameis and Fitz both in the locker room at halftime, and a chance to get Jameis some real football. We put Jameis in a terrible situation today, and I told him that. I told him that right off the bat at halftime. We put him in a bad situation, and I knew Jameis would go in and give us everything he had, and he did.

Q. Do you think he did enough to earn the starting position after the bye week?

DIRK KOETTER: Probably, but we'll worry about that on another day. Again, I don't -- Ryan Fitzpatrick didn't lose this game for us either. Don't anybody think that -- if this is on any one person, it's got to be on me. So if we're going to put one person on there, put it on me.

Q. The defense, when you turn guys loose, like you said, I know you've got some young players, but are you trying to do too much on defense?

DIRK KOETTER: Absolutely not trying to do too much. I mean, we couldn't play zone. We couldn't play man. JPP didn't get the sack early. He hit him a couple other times. We couldn't do anything no matter what we did today. They were running free, and he had time to do it and put the ball on the money. That was all on us.

Q. Brent Grimes didn't play in the second half. What was going on with that?

DIRK KOETTER: We wanted to get Ryan Smith in there. He played well in week 2, and we wanted to get him back in there.

Q. With only a couple weeks of practice, what did you like most about what you saw Jameis do?

DIRK KOETTER: Just stand in the pocket, protect the football. They made a nice play on that last interception, but stand in there and protect it and just get back to playing against an NFL defense at NFL speed. Jameis has played a lot of football. He hasn't played as much over his career as Fitz, but it isn't like Jameis hasn't played football. But to get out there against an NFL defense, we needed to see that. That was good for us.

Q. Does this shake any of the confidence you had after two weeks?

DIRK KOETTER: Again, it's one. Right now, of course, because there's nothing anyone can say right now that's going to make me feel too good about anything we're doing. But we have to stew with this for two weeks, and it's two weeks from today until we get to get this taste out of our mouth and even see if we can play with an NFL team. It's going to be a rough two weeks because it's all you're going to be able to think about.

At the same time, I've also seen us play good football this year, and we didn't today.

Q. Any update on O.J. Howard?

DIRK KOETTER: He wasn't able to finish the game. That's all I can tell you right now.

Q. (Inaudible) was hurt by explosive plays. They had six plays for 30 yards in the first half. What are the things you point to for why (inaudible)?

DIRK KOETTER: We didn't put enough pressure on him. We didn't cover him. They had 400 yards of offense at halftime. So we didn't do anything well. We didn't do one thing well in any phase. Not only could we not stop him, but we were going three and out on offense. One of the things would have been nice if we would have moved the ball on offense and not given it back to them after three plays. It's not good across the board.

Q. A chance to see Ronald Jones in there a little bit today. Obviously, you leaned more on the running game today, but did you like what you saw of him?

DIRK KOETTER: Ronald just needed his opportunity to get out there and play his first game. He gave good effort, but, again, no one off the top of my head can I say was good enough today. We had three rookies make their debut today -- Ronald, Vita, and Justin Watson. Three rookies made their debut, and unfortunately, it wasn't a good day for anybody out there.

Q. You spent some resources in the off-season on defense. Did you see this team get off as many points as they had the first four weeks? Did you have the players, or were they just too young?

DIRK KOETTER: We didn't have anything today. We had nothing today in any aspect. Based on the numbers that happened today, you can't argue with it. We just weren't good enough. But as I said, there's three phases in the game, and we weren't good in any of them.


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