QB Jameis Winston: "Just bounce back, come back, and do our best."

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Q. Jameis, what was it like to play in the football game?

JAMEIS WINSTON: It was good to be back and compete. Be back out there with the guys.

Q. How did you feel you played?

JAMEIS WINSTON: I've played better.

Q. Is this one of those frustrating losses since you've been here?

JAMEIS WINSTON: We can't focus on that. We've just got to take advantage of the bye week and look forward and come back good against Atlanta.

Q. So what do you fix? What can you address?

JAMEIS WINSTON: What can we address as a team?

Q. Yes.

JAMEIS WINSTON: Just bounce back, come back, and do our best.

Q. What did you say to everybody when you took the field in the second half?

JAMEIS WINSTON: Let's go. That's all. I was just excited. We were down by a lot, so we just had to get some energy and try to go.

Q. Demar said he felt like they didn't have energy in the first half. Did you feel like you needed to take that upon yourself to give them that jolt? When you first got out there, you had five or six passes. You started to get on a roll there.

JAMEIS WINSTON: It was nothing I really had to do. It was just my own self, and when I compete, the guys have my back. So we wanted to try to do our best.

Q. Did you feel like you hadn't played in a while, or did you feel pretty comfortable when you got out there?

JAMEIS WINSTON: I felt great just to be back there with my teammates. It was different than throwing against nobody, but I believe the guys that helped me prepare for that -- for this did a great job, and I've just got to get back the feeling a little bit and be better.

Q. Do you like the fact now that you have a couple of weeks, or do you wish you could get back out there again next week?

JAMEIS WINSTON: The bye week came at a good time, but I just wish we could take this week back, but we can't. We've just got to move forward and be better.

Q. Did you say anything to Ryan before you went out? Was there a conversation between the two of you before the second half?

JAMEIS WINSTON: He was just like go out there and get after it. We support each other. We're in the same room. As a team, we didn't do as we expected to do.

Q. Did you have any indication before today's game that you would be asked to go in there at any point?

JAMEIS WINSTON: I was just ready. These three weeks, I took very seriously. I worked my tail off, and I got all those guys around to help me so I can go out there and be good for my team.

Q. Do you feel you've done enough to keep this starting job and be here on the field?

JAMEIS WINSTON: I feel I've just got to keep getting better. I think that's a question for Coach or the GM. We're just going to put this game behind us and go look forward to Atlanta.

Q. How did you find out today that you would be starting the second half?

JAMEIS WINSTON: Coach Koetter told me at halftime. So I went out there and played.

Q. What was the conversation with him like? How did he tell you?

JAMEIS WINSTON: He said, hey, let's go with you. Just go out there and don't take too many hits. Give the ball a chance.

Q. How hard was it being there for a game -- you've been away from this team for three weeks. I know you missed them. And I know you were excited watching them at home the way they were lighting it up on offense. How hard was it to be there, seeing everybody frustrated and not being able to have that same success?

JAMEIS WINSTON: That's something where we've got to eliminate the negatives and build on the positives. Nobody wants to be in a game like this. We're definitely going to come in tomorrow, put it to bed, and move forward.

Q. Did you say anything to your teammates afterward when you guys went into the locker room?

JAMEIS WINSTON: Just said, remember this time last year when we went into the bye week with the Patriots. That was a game we felt like we should have won, like last week with Pittsburgh. So take advantage of the bye week as a team to work out, look in a mirror, and let's go to work.

Q. Do you feel now -- because I know you've been away for three weeks. Do you feel like you can still be that guy, you always take it upon yourself to try to pick everybody up? Can you be that voice and that leader in the locker room?

JAMEIS WINSTON: I'm always going to be myself. I'll be myself as a leader. I think you guys view my as a leader too. My role is to just do my job. Go out there, complete football, get it in the end zone, and as long as I do that, everybody's going to be happy. Of course win games.

Q. Jameis, one of the things Dirk felt was important was you seeing an NFL defense at NFL speed. At one point Mack seemed to have his hand around your ankle. What did you do to get away from him? Because not many people have been able to do that this year.

JAMEIS WINSTON: We did a drill in the off-season where T. Murtha, one of my partners, literally had his hand around my ankle, and I had to step out of his hand and make the throw. So we kind of simulated that drill working ball security when I was working out the first three weeks.

Q. What was it like going against Khalil Mack? He seems to be a beast out there.

JAMEIS WINSTON: He's an amazing player. But Chicago's defense as a whole is excellent. Their front seven is one of the best front seven in the league. When you've got a guy like Khalil Mack, a future Hall of Famer, it's pretty tough. But as an offense, I think we have a pretty good offense, too. Today just wasn't our day, but I'm going to make sure, when we see him again, we'll be ready.


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