QB Ryan Fitzpatrick: "We didn't play well in any of the phases."

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On preparing with an uncertain quarterback situation

"It was just another week in terms of putting your head down and preparing and getting ready as best as I could and as best as the team could. We didn't play well, obviously. That's the understatement of the day, but we didn't play well in any of the phases and when you do that on the road versus a good football team the score is going to look like it did today. Tough one to swallow for us but we have to do the best we can to put it away, get away for a little bit with the bye week then get ready to go."

On how long he'll be in charge of the offense

"I have no idea."

On facing the pressure

"[The Bears] do a nice job. I think that with the personnel and the scheme that they have, they do a nice job up front. That's a typical NFL game, though. That is something that you're always going to have to face. I've done it a million times and I have to do a better job at making some of those throws."

On comparing this pressure to that of previous weeks

"Every game is different. There were some times when I may have gotten it out quicker than I would have liked to, but I don't know that I got hit all that much today."

On why he didn't play in the second half

"I think with the way the score was and the way that things were going, I thought it was to try to provide a spark."


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