Ryan Fitzpatrick 'We Are Not a Consistent Team or Offense'

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RE: Can you talk about coming out of the big hole to start with and what that meant for you as an offense?

Being down 35‐7 isn’t what you want. We came out, got the ball first, we wanted to put it on our offense to get it going a little bit. Having the turnover right away didn’t help with any sort of momentum, especially on the road. It put the team behind with that one and they go on and score, we didn’t really get much going. We got a couple of touchdowns to O.J. (Howard) and then got Adam (Humphries) going a little bit in the second half. With 35‐28 there was still some hope there, then they went up 42‐28, then we had two drives there that just didn’t work out, but we had two opportunities.

RE: Putting up firepower when coming from behind

We know we have the talent, it’s just we can’t keep digging ourselves in these holes, especially on the road.

RE: Mike Evans

I thought they had a nice scheme going for Mike (Evans) and there is some stuff, some throws that maybe I could have done a better job with placement or moving on with the progression; but any time Mike is one‐onone, we are going to try to give him the ball. We had some other guys to step up too. O.J. did some good stuff for us in the second half. Adam, same thing.

RE: Consistency

I don’t know that there is an answer or a magical formula or anything; it’s just frustrating right now to not play well and then play well in spurts. We’re just not a very consistent team and not a consistent offense right now. RE: Message to the team

We have half of the season left with five of the eight at home. Talent has never been an issue in our locker room, so we just have to get some momentum going; win one game and try to take it from there.

RE: Where the team is mentally?

I think especially coming off of a loss like we did today, coming off the field right now is not necessarily the greatest mood. The only way I know how to do it is to continue to work and practice and make sure it is translating it to the field, be professional every day and hope that this thing turns around.

RE: Coach Dirk Koetter has said that you will start the next game as well, will the consistency of that hopefully help you guys become more consistent?

I don’t know that that’s necessarily been the issue, but I just think consistent play at that position. I mentioned earlier, the interception right away is not how we want to start the game and put us behind. I have to be better there and we just have to continue to work and get better.

RE: Was the plan to take the ball if you won the coin toss?

I wasn’t one of the captains, but I know that offensively when you get an opportunity to get the ball first you want to get your team off on the right foot.

RE: Message to the fans

We are just going to continue to work and be professional. With that effort and that consistency, roll it over into games and turn it in to wins.

RE: Did it feel like last week?

Yeah, there was a lot of time left in the fourth quarter there when we brought it within seven. The thing I think about in our huddle is there is always that optimism and confidence, no matter who we are playing, no matter what the score is, winning or losing, we know what we are capable of. That is always a great feeling to know that, that huddle has that kind of confidence.