A Bucs QB Target for Every Day of the 2020 NFL Draft

Luke Easterling

The 2020 NFL draft is just a couple of months away, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are no doubt hard at work preparing for yet another opportunity to reload their roster with another group of talented prospects.

In this series, we'll take a look at three players at each position that could make sense for the Bucs, one for each of the draft's three days.

Let's kick things off with the quarterbacks:

1st Round - Jacob Eason, Washington

It's unlikely the Bucs would use the No. 14 overall pick on a quarterback in this year's draft, but it can't be completely ruled out just yet. If they decide to move on from Jameis Winston, and they're not able to find a suitable replacement in free agency, the Bucs could be looking to add one of this year's top quarterback prospects on the first day of the draft.


If that happens, the Bucs aren't likely to get a shot at this year's top three passers (LSU's Joe Burrow, Alabama's Tua Tagovailoa, Oregon's Justin Herbert), but Eason is an intriguing name Bucs fans should get to know. He has the arm talent to excel in Bruce Arians' offense, and only threw eight interceptions last season. Especially if the Bucs move back in the first round, or if Eason wows at the NFL Scouting Combine, this could be a real possibility for Tampa Bay.

Day 2 - Jake Fromm, Georgia

I would expect the Bucs to target a more instant-impact player in the first round, which could leave them targeting a quarterback of the future on Day 2 of this year's draft. If that happens, the man who caused Eason's transfer from Georgia to Washington might be on Tampa Bay's radar.


Fromm doesn't have the high-end physical tools possessed by the top passers in this class, but he's good enough at everything to be a successful starter at the next level. He would benefit from an excellent group of pass-catchers in Tampa Bay, and if the Bucs are taking him in the second or third round, it would likely be after signing a veteran in free agency from whom Fromm could learn for at least a season before being counted on to start.

Day 3 - Jalen Hurts, Oklahoma

One of the biggest wild-cards in this year's quarterback class, Hurts traveled one of the most unique journeys of any quarterback in college football history. After winning multiple national titles at Alabama, Hurts transferred to Oklahoma for his senior season, leading the Sooners to the College Football Playoff and finishing second to Burrow for the Heisman Trophy. 


He made great leaps as a passer in 2019, and while he still needs some development in that area, his versatility and intangibles would make him an intriguing pick if he's still on the board when Day 3 rolls around. His skill set favors that of Dak Prescott, who himself was a Day 3 pick who quickly turned into a successful NFL starter.

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Jalen Hurts true comp is Cam Newton. Cam is bigger but Jalen throws better and is a lot faster. Look at Cam's last year in college to Jalen's last year in college they are almost identical. Cam won the Heisman that year while Jalen's numbers were better than Cam his senior year. Cam was taken 1st over all. Jalen is a 1st round draft pick. Jalen is a whole lot better than Dak was in college. Take some time and watch film of Cam in college and Jalen in college and look at each of their college stats their last year. It's crazy how much they are similar. Jalen's % comp 70% Cam 66% Jalen passing TD's 32 Cam passing TD' 30, Jalen's YPC 16.2 Cam YPC 15. 4 Jalen rushing TD's 20 Cam's 20 Jalen's YPC 5.57 Cams YPC 5.57 Jalen had more yards throwing and Cam had more yards rushing. Jalen had 40 total receiving yards 1 TD Cam 42 receiving yards 1 TD