Brent Grimes on Returning to Practice

Sports Xchange

(On his interception of a deep pass in practice)

"It really is good to be out here. I've been a guy hanging around for a while. I got real cool with [trainers] Bobby [Slater], John [Ames], Pete [Ruby], 'Dutchie' (Scott DeGraff) and our whole training room, but I had fun. That was just a normal deep ball, a deep ball in the air, make a play on the ball. It was nothing I did like, 'This step or that step.' No, it was just making a play on the ball."

(On how important it is for him to get some preseason work)

"For my sanity I just need to move around. I'm not good at sitting still for real long. It's good to come out and work with the guys and be part of the team in that aspect. Obviously, I'm in meetings and all the things like that, and in the locker room kicking it. But to get out and actually put in the football work with the team, you just feel part of the team more when you do that. I have fun and it makes my day much better."

(On what he has seen from the young cornerbacks)

"I've seen a lot of good things from everybody. It's training camp, there's going to be ups and downs, people are going to be tired, people are going to be sore, but what you can see every day is that guys are learning, guys are having fun competing. Guys also are asking questions, trying to get better and learn things and learn situations. There's been a lot of good things this camp."

(On helping the young players)

"Yeah, I enjoy working with people, younger guys, older guys, whatever. It's fun communicating, figuring out things. Like I ask other people questions. It's not that everybody's got to ask me questions, I'm going to ask other people questions, too. I feel like we've got a real good team, a real good group in that aspect."

(On what he's seen from third-year cornerback Vernon Hargreaves)

"A lot of good things. In my eyes, when he's playing inside in nickel he really seems to be much more comfortable. I've seen that out of him. Obviously he has skills, he's always had skills, he always can play the ball, he always has good feet and things like that. But just you can tell he's a little more comfortable with that nickel position because, compared with outside, nickel is a lot more knowing checks and motions and things like that. And he seems to just be playing, not as much thinking about what's going on. He looks comfortable."

(On how optimistic he is about the defense)

"I'm optimistic. Like I said – it's a theme of everything I've been saying – I've been seeing a lot of good things, but you never really know until the games. But we are doing a lot of good things. We've added a new pieces and people are practicing well with the D-Line and things like that. I know that's the big thing that came in new this season, and they're doing well. I'm excited to see them in the regular season, and in that aspect I am pretty optimistic."

(On if it's difficult to learn to play off coverage)

"There's a lot more to off. It is difficult for a lot of people, because there's a lot more techniques involved in it, whereas press is just, you know, running with the guy. If you can get your hands on him, get your hands on him. But with off you've got to read stuff. I like it because you can see more and play like that, but it's a lot. You've got to have discipline with your eyes. There's a lot of things you have to learn to play off effectively."