Cairo Santos on Joining Bucs and Playing with High Scoring Rams, Chiefs

Sports Xchange

(On how it feels to be able to play with the Buccaneers offense)

“I feel great. I’ve been watching these guys actually – Garrison [Sanborn] and Bryan [Anger] – for a couple weeks now to see how they operate, so I feel like I’m coming into a great spot. They’re very good at what they do. Looking forward to getting out there today and getting in sync with them. Like you said, I love kicking for good offenses. I got the chance to play for the Rams, Chiefs – kicking a lot. It’s something that I’m used to and hopefully we’ll get some extra points going more than field goals – that would be the goal.”

(On what he will bring to the team)

“I’ve played in some tough places – three and a half years in Kansas City, Chicago – so I’m used to elements and much colder than what normally get at places, winds. I’ve learned too to illustrate all that through my consistency. That’s really what describes me the best. I’m just looking to come in, be myself and then help the team.”