Coach Dirk Koetter: Wide Receiver is Bucs Most Improved Position

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(On if an injury this late hurts linebacker Riley Bulloughs chances of making the team)

Well just have to see how things work out. Jason [Licht] is going to get the best 53 try to get 10 back [on the practice squad]. I mean, Rileys done a great job as long as hes been here, but well just have to see.

(On if this football team is hard to put together compared to his previous years with the Buccaneers)

You really dont think of it like that. You just think of right now, so if we really went back and looked at it And then the other thing is all positions are different. Some positions better than others right now. Injuries always factor into it where were thin and where were not. We definitely have more talented team at the top and at some positions, definitely harder.

(On the most improved position from last year)

I would probably say wide receiver. Id probably say wide receiver just because the number of guys. You know, the emergence of Chris Godwin and just our depth- our depth and our explosiveness at wide receiver.

(On what position has the most competition for the final roster spots)

Yeah, linebacker you already mentioned. Offensive line mainly because of attrition. and running back. Whos going to be that last running back spot?

(On if any offensive linemen have surprised him)

Sure. Youre disappointed that some guys couldnt be out here more because of injury, but the obvious answer there is Mike Leidtke because Mike is an inside player at guard/center, but he was next man up at tackle, so hes made himself more valuable.

(On if he would say the last running back spot is between Shaun Wilson and Dare Ogunbowale)

I just said [we have] the last running back spot.

(On if he talked to Vince Carter today at practice)

I did get to talk to him. Pretty amazing. 21 years hes going on 21 years in the NBA which, wow! Its a great lesson for our guys about a guy that takes care of himself and still looks like hes 25. It was fun to talk to him and having him out here. I know the guys really enjoyed it.

(On if Carter had a message to the players)

Just because the way our day was kind of structured weird today and we didnt know he was coming until the last minute, so we didnt get a chance to get him in front of the whole team. But he said hed be back another day.