DeSean Jackson Talks Catching Deep Passes

Sports Xchange

(On having a successful start to the season)

“It’s been a dope ride so far. I want to kind of continue to keep it going. I feel like the odds [have] been against us. No one’s really counted on us or picked us to win in the first [two] games, so just knowing that back against the wall mentality. Just trying to keep that mentality throughout the whole season and keep this up.”

(On how much the team is looking forward to showing the national audience what they can do)

“I think – once again – as professional athletes we get paid to do our job and play at a high level, so first of all you have to take that into consideration. That’s coming to work and putting it on film, the studying in the classroom, just repeatedly doing it over and over and over. As long as you’re able to do that, you’ll get you results on Sunday or Monday or Thursday or whenever you’re able to play. I think that’s what guys are doing – taking advantage of their opportunities and just putting their best foot forward.”

(On quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick’s ball placement on his deep ball throws)

“One thing that’s good about him is he has good a good feel for it, dropping back and reading defenses, putting the ball where the defenders are not. It doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve got to throw the ball 60 yards down the field. He drops back and gets it out [of] his hand. A lot it’s like 30, 40 yards down the field. It really gives you an opportunity right when you’re coming out your break to catch the ball. If you throw it early that’s when [defenders] aren’t really ready. If you throw it later, [defenders] have time to adjust and react to the ball. So, that’s what he does [well].”