Dirk Koetter: Bucs Preparing for Eagles Defense, Aggressive Play-Calling

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(On if he spoke with Ryan Fitzpatrick about trying to run over a defender on the goal line)

"He wasn't trying to run over him. He was just trying to get in there, trying to get that touchdown."

(On cornerback Vernon Hargreaves going to injured reserve and the team's young cornerbacks)

"A few things about that: One, once the season starts and sometimes even before the season starts, injuries are just a very unfortunate part. Vern had really done a nice job all through training camp, all through the preseason and he made a beautiful play on the play he got injured on. Just look in our own division, look at the guys that are hurt. I feel horrible for Vern because he didn't do anything to deserve this, but that's NFL football right now. That's the world that we live in. Every team's going to have them every week and it just means the next guy's got to come up and be ready to go. In this case, we had to make a couple roster moves and we'll be getting Brent Grimes back soon. And the rookies, they'll be playing a bigger role."

(On cornerback Ryan Smith's improvement)

"I think just confidence. Ryan's always been a good tackler, he's always had good speed, but there's a confidence factor to playing any position. When you go against the quarterbacks that you go against in our division and against this league I think the young rookies went through a little bit of that on Sunday when they saw that guy's going to put the ball on the money almost every time. It's just something that you've got to get used to in this league and those guys will all tell you you've got to have a short memory."

(On how quickly a cornerback new to a team can learn what he has to do on defense)

"That depends on what you're asking him to do. If you're just playing 'Cat' coverage 'I've got that cat' it's not that hard."

(On if offensive coordinator Todd Monken has a group he can go to for plays to call)

Yes, he has a group. Hes not randomly up there making calls. Based on the personnel youre in, the down and distance youre in, the place on the field youre in, hes always got a couple ofdifferent options based on the situation and based on the reason hes checking it.

(On the rotation at right guard)

Well therere different reasons why youre going to do that and I would just say dont read too much into it. Theres different reasons and Im not going to get into the reasons today, but theres more than one reason why you would rotate somebody.

(On how different it is to prepare for Eagles quarterbacks Nick Foles and Carson Wentz)

No because Wentz isnt going to play, so its not going to be too difficult to prepare for him.

(On if hes saying the Wentz isnt going to play)

You just heard me say it didnt you? Must mean its true.

(On how well he knows Eagles Head Coach Doug Pederson)

Yeah, not that well. He played for a long time, so he really hasnt been a coach a long time because shoot the guy played for many many years.

(On if hes prepared for Pedersons trick plays)

You got to be alert for it. Thats something the hes got. Andy Reids in that same category. When you play Andys teams and basically the trick play the Eagles ran against Atlanta was just another version of the one they ran in the Super Bowl. Thats a play that a lot of college teams run almost every week in the red zone. Hes definitely shown that hell go for it on fourth down across the 50 [yard line]. Hes not afraid to go for two [point conversion] and that hes not afraid to run trick plays.

(On his philosophy regarding trick plays)

Theyre great if they work.

(On the play the Saints ran with Drew Brees as a wide receiver)

They ran that in the preseason and we figured that with seven, with Hill, that they would run some zone read in the red zone. Knowing when its coming and stopping it are two different things. Thats with every play.

(On what running back Ronald Jones needs to improve on)

Thats a good question. Were not mad at Ronald Jones, but like [the] question about rotating linemen, you guys tend to think that because a guys not active hes either in the dog house or he did something wrong. We make decisions on whos giving us the best chance to win that week and we can only have 46 guys active. The main reason that Shaun [Wilson] was up is he was our kick-return guy. Now he only got to bring one of the out, but he got us across the 30-yard-line on that. Theres more than one reason for everything and its not because were not happy with a guy or were mad at him. Thats just how it is right now and that reason could change. If Ronald is in the best 46 to give us the best chance to win, then hell be up.

(On his biggest concern going in to Sundays game)

I dont know about my biggest we have a lot of concerns. Phillys a really good football team in general you can pick it. Theyre the Super Bowl champs. With their starters playing, I think theyve won seven games in a row dont count that Dallas game at the end of the year last year where they didnt play their starters. Theyre a confident team, theyre a fast team, theyve got a great front four, theyve got an awesome O-line. Theres a lot of things to be worried about, so I cant give you exact order.

(On defensive tackle Haloti Ngatas addition to the defensive line)

Put it in perspective, he doesnt even start for them. One of the best interior linemen of the last 10 years in the NFL thats a testament to their depth doesnt even start for them. Plays less than half the snaps.

(On if having defensive linemen Vinny Curry and Beau Allen help bring insight to the Eagles defense)

A little bit. Two intelligent guys. Ive told you guys this before players that played for a team previous youve got to somewhat take it with a grain of salt. Youve got to trust what you see on the tape with your own eyes, but Ive asked both of those guys plenty of questions and theyve given me some answers. Is that going to be the difference in the game? Probably not.

(On what Allen brings to the defensive line)

Thats what his specialty is. Hes a tough run-stopper in the middle of the field a guy that can push the pocket. He brings attitude, he brings energy, he brings a winning mentality. Hes a fantastic guy to build your team from the inside out and we were hoping to combine Beau with some other guys on the inside that hasnt come to fruition at this point. Once again, when we started off talking about the injuries, that is what it is. Youre never going to hear me crying about that. Its just unfortunate. I feel horrible for the individual players even player on other teams. We just got to keep moving in the NFL, thats all you can do.

(On wide receiver DeSean Jacksons concussion)

I think that will be coming out on the injury report. Im not exactly sure what the status is.