Dirk Koetter: Carl Nassib is Consistent, ‘Tough to Handle’ Even in Practice'

Sports Xchange

(On the Ravens naming Lamar Jackson their starting quarterback)

“What they’re doing with Lamar Jackson, you’ve got to prepare for that. If they bring [Joe] Flacco in, then we’ll have to adjust to what they’re doing. He’s been out – hasn’t played in the last four games. It’s not like he forgot to play or anything. Totally different and the thing that’s most unique obviously is the things they’re doing with Jackson. That’s the stuff that we’ve got to spend some time on.”

(On what other quarterbacks are comparable to Jackson)

“Cam Newton. I think Cam Newton obvious – in our [division]. They’ve taken it a little bit more to an extreme, but over the last few years off and on in this division, Cam Newton’s done all this. He’s run a little bit more earlier this year. I haven’t seen him since our game a couple weeks ago. Baltimore’s taking advantage of what this guy brings to the table. Since he’s been in there, he’s done a nice job.”

(On the difference between Ravens quarterbacks Joe Flacco and Jackson)

“They’ve actually totally flipped. They were like 60-40 pass under Flacco. They’re more like 60-40 run now under Jackson. You’ve got to prepare for both. Our plan will be based primarily on their personnel and then their tendencies out of those personnel, just like it always is. Every team, based on the personnel they’ve got in there, they’ve got tendencies and that’s how you set up your game plan. A mixture of playing what you do best and also playing to their tendencies.”

(On what has been key in the development of defensive end Carl Nassib)

“I’d say consistency is the main thing. Carl has been a consistent player. Like several other guys on that D-line, he’s had to battle through some injuries that some guys would’ve missed some time. He’s consistently done what the coaches have asked him to do. Carl’s length and his motor make him tough just when we have to go against him in practice. Just those two things alone – length and motor – make him difficult to handle. The fact that he’s usually where he’s supposed to be when he’s supposed to be there, that’s where the consistency part comes in.”

(On how valuable it has been to have defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul setting the edge against the run)

“Yeah, valuable. I think I mentioned at the very first of the year when we played him, the last time we played him Bucs versus Giants, we actually thought he was a better run player. That was his first game back. He had the sore finger glove on. We actually thought he was playing the run better than he was [rushing the passer]. We had more plan for him in the run game than we did in pass protection. I think he’s just been a really complete player this year. The thing that JPP is incredible, he can bend, man. For a guy his size and again has length, he can really bend and that makes him tough to block in the run game. He can get under blocks, he can get over blocks, he can get off blocks. Again, like Carl, he’s been a consistent player both run and pass.”

(On what he’s seen from safety Jordan Whitehead)

“I think Jordan had a learning curve – was a little bit behind early. He came in and got an injury early. Had to kind of struggle to catch up. Maybe had to play a little bit before he was ready as far as the injuries that we had. The one thing that was apparent right off the bat when he got in there is this guy will come downhill and hit you. He’s still learning a lot of nuances about all things that an NFL safety has to do. As far as the physical part – coming up and hitting people – he’s done a nice job. It seems like as the year has gone on, he has really embraced it. As I said, might’ve had to play him a little bit sooner than when we wanted to play him that much, but I think he’s really come on. I think he’s going to be a real solid safety for the long term.”

(On if last week’s game against the Saints was cornerback Brent Grimes’ best game this season as far as run support)

"Run support definitely. Anybody that thinks he checked out, put that film on and I think that film from last week will show that he didn’t. As far as the pass game goes, Brent hasn’t really gotten thrown at very much this year. People have been sort of staying away from him. It’s no secret, for several years in his career people have tried to run at Brent in the run game and crack block and try to make him tackle. He hasn’t always been at the top of his game in that area, but he had his best game of the season in that area last week – there’s no question. He has been fighting through a couple injuries as well. With Brent, we know we’re going to get top flight coverage. If he plays the run like that, that’s why he’s been a Pro Bowl corner.”

(On the team playing out of the United States next season)

“It means that they’re playing out of the states next year.”

(On if the players are excited about playing outside the United States)

“I don’t think the players probably even know yet. They probably are going to find out when you tell them. I’ve been associated with games out of the country before and when you get to them, I think the players do enjoy that week – when you actually get over there. The trips are long. Usually you’re rewarded on the back end with your Bye Week. Once you’re over there, it’s football, it’s new and it’s different. I think for right now, we’re trying to focus on Baltimore. We’ve got our hands full with Baltimore. That’s something that’s going to happen in the future and when the Bucs get to that point in the season next year, I’m sure it will be good.”