Dirk Koetter: DeSean Jackson and Justin Evans Are Out vs. Ravens

Sports Xchange

(On practicing in the rain)

“I love it. It was great for us. If we could just order the 30 degrees warmer in Baltimore. Might be like this. Supposed to be a little rainy, high 40s, so good work.”

(On the weather in Baltimore)

“It could be much worse. I’m sure I’d consider us lucky for what their forecasted.”

(On the keys to winning games late in the year)

“I think if you look at last week around the league, defenses made a resurgence. There [were] some cold weather games where that was the case. The old adage is you run to win and you’ve got to run and stop the run in December. I think that’s been true maybe in the past in some of the northern cities with bad weather. I’ve also seen games where teams have thrown for 500 [yards] in bad weather. I just think the key to winning is still playing good football. Not turning it over, blocking and tackling. If it was a day like today where footing is an issue, the team that can stay on their feet and take care of the football [will win].”

(On if wide receiver DeSean Jackson and safety Justin Evans are going to be inactive against the Ravens)

“Yeah, DeSean and Evans are out.”

(On if Jackson will be placed on Injury Reserve)

“There’s a lot of rules that are in conjunction with IR. That’s a medical decision, so when that comes down, we’ll let you know.”

(On if he is hopeful for Jackson’s return)

“Again, it’s a medical decision. If he’s able to play, then I would think he would be playing.”