Dirk Koetter: DeSean Jackson Will Be Active Sunday in Dallas

Sports Xchange

(On if linebacker Adarius Taylor’s wife had her baby)

“Yeah. The baby was born. Yeah, we have a baby.”

(On if it was a boy or girl)

“Boy – Apollo.”

(On if wide receiver DeSean Jackson made it through the week with injury setback)

“He did.”

(On if Jackson will be active on Sunday)

“He is.”

(On having a limited time to challenge calls during a game)

“It’s not just challenging penalties, but it’s challenging spots or catches, no catches – stuff like that. The biggest issue with any challenge is will somebody get a clean look at it. It’s a lot different when your home or whether your away. These teams are smart, and they know when to show it and when not to show it on the screen. We have somebody in the box that I’m listening to and even though you have other people saying stuff – I’m listening to the guy in the box. Sometimes it just works out where we don’t get a look. You might’ve challenged it, but if you don’t get a look –

when I was a college coach, the college rule was a lot easier because they were supposedly looking at everything, every play was under review upstairs. When it’s on the coach, that’s just the way it is.”

(On if the coach upstairs is dependent on the broadcast feed when knowing whether to challenge or not))

“Whatever feed, between the scoreboard shots and the shots that are on the network feed, that’s what they’re looking for.”

(On the challenge of a catch that tight end Cameron Brate made against Carolina)

“That play happened right in front of me. Players say stuff all the time. That one was a hard one to tell. The one thing I think that’s been happening a lot this year is it’s hard to get something reversed. However, they call it on the field, it’s hard to get it changed, so it better be really obvious. Although I think we had one last week go the other way. That is what it is.”

(On having a timeout taken away if the challenge is incorrect)

“It depends on the game and the type of game and it depends on the play. Sometimes there’s a spot that is going to move the ball two feet and make it; if it was a first down, it’s a lot different than if it’s second-and-eight versus second-and-nine or something like that.”