Dirk Koetter Expects 'Smoking Hot Day' for Bucs-Eagles

Sports Xchange

(On if this game will look different in the passing game than the Saints)

Of course, thats every week. We dont get to decide the coverage they get to decide and weve got all their percentages and everything, but when youre playing these early season games, half of your percentages are based on what they did last year. Theyve only played one game. You can t really count preseason, so a team can come out and do something totally different. But, with that said, Philly believes in their system and their systems been real good for them so dont think its a big surprise what theyre going to do.

(On if having depth at receiver helps with wide receiver DeSean Jackson questionable for Sundays game)

I think not just because its regular seasons, but because of this heat. Sunday at one oclock we were talking about it its going to be a similar day to last years Chicago. Remember that was a smoking hot day when we played Chicago last year. Its the same for both teams, but youve only got 46 guys. Theres the same volume of running in a game as always and its up to each team to decide how theyre going to rotate their guys.

(On if he plans to use tempo to his advantage)

Well have to see.

(On the success he has had in Week 1)

No because then you didnt follow it up with what happened the second game with all those years, so I appreciate you doing that. I dont think its going to happen this year hopefully now. Thats why you play the games. Right? You play the games to see whos going to win.

(On if he felt amped up coming into work after the Saints win)

Im always amped up to come into the building. I cant wait to get here. Youre coming here win or lose youre coming here to get the next one. We put one game to bed its on to the next one. For a coach, Mondays and Tuesdays are a race against the clock to get everything done for when the players get back on Wednesday. So of course, I cant wait to get back at it and you try to put your guys in the best position you can.

(On if DeSean Jackson is still in concussion protocol)

Were going to be putting an injury report out here before too long.

(On if the players have been focused after a big win)

Theres no way to really measure that, but we say win or lose, 24 hours enjoy it or pout about it one way or the other and then move on. Everybodys going handle that a little bit different.

(On the fans attending the game in the heat)

I hope they go to [Buccaneer Beach] first. Is that going to help them or hurt them? Stop by Buc Beach or stop by that bar (Bar 76) have a couple of cool beverages and I hope theres a lot of them and I hope theyre all in our colors.