Dirk Koetter on Advantage of Playing on a Monday

Sports Xchange

(On if the routine is different for Monday Night Football)

“First off the one thing that preseason, [Monday Night] is like your preseason schedule. From a schedule standpoint, how we meet with them, how we make sure they’re at the meals and all that, how we kind of use up some of the time. You do have more time. You’re waiting around a long time. We have a plan for it and we talk to the guys, but at some point, they’ve just got to gut it out and wait like everybody.”

(On if there is an advantage in having played in more Monday Night Football games)

“I’m not sure. It just kind of is what it is. I think the advantage come because you get an extra day in the lead up and then the disadvantage is you’re short right off the bat. Especially – it’s one thing to be the home team, but then the road team you’ve got to fly back. We’re all creatures of habit. It just puts you down a day going into the next week.”

(On if players play better when there’s more of a spotlight)

“Maybe. I don’t know. I think you can just say in DeSean [Jackson’s] case he’s just a good player all the time. There’s probably something to that. I’m not enough of an expert on Monday Night Football to know. I’m not an expert at all on Monday Night Football.”

(On the preparation for Monday Night Football)

“Yeah good. It should be one of your best weeks because we give them two days off. Instead of having just your regular Tuesday off you have Tuesday [and], Wednesday and we’re only two games into the season. Once the season starts everybody’s dealing with stuff pretty much the rest of the year. This is about as good as it’s going to get other than coming off a bye-week.”

(On what he’s seen from Pittsburgh running back James Conner as a runner)

“When I looked at the tape, it looked to me like he ran with power. He made yards after contact. I was more impressed with him than I thought as a receiver. He didn’t get a lot of chances, but he had natural hands, he’s a good route runner, good in the protection. I was impressed with him. I’d never really seen him since college. I didn’t know what to expect and I thought he did a really good job.”

(On what running back Shaun Wilson adds to the running game)

“Quickness more than anything else. Where Peyton [Barber’s] got more of a power style low to the ground, Shaun’s a little bit more jitter-buggy type runner and can go from zero to 50 quickly. That’s what makes him a good kickoff return man as well. Also got excellent hands. Understands everything we’re trying to do and we’ve been pleased with him. That was just luck of the call how that was. He was in on certain packages that package got called and it got called early and that just happened to be that early in the game.”

(On if he has made the decision about which quarterback will start in Week 4)

“You can’t make a decision before it happens because you don’t know all the variable yet. Right? Things could change on Monday, they can change tomorrow. There’s no use – I told you before, there’s no use worrying about decisions when you don’t have all the information yet.”

(On if he’s played out potential scenarios)

“Sure, of course.”

(On when he will make the decision on which quarterback will start in Week 4)

“At the proper time. It really doesn’t make any difference when it happens. Think about it – why would we tell Chicago what we’re doing? When we need to know we’ll know. It’s not going to be that big of a deal. You guys are making it much bigger than it is.”