Dirk Koetter on DeSean Jackson Having His Best Game as a Buccaneer

Sports Xchange

(On the status of wide receiver DeSean Jacksons concussion)

Well be putting that injury report out here pretty quick.

(On Jackson having one of his best games with the Buccaneers against the Saints)

Definitely. DeSeans had a lot of games like that in his career. Thats the first one hes had here, and he had chances to make plays and he made them. He did a really nice job.

(On if he has a sense on if Jacksons use as a punt returner is situational)

Yep I do have a sense, but again youre telling me to tell you our strategy and I cant do that.

(On what he saw in the Eagles game against the Falcons and if they kept Matt Ryan in check)

They did, they really did. Obviously we know a lot about the Falcons because theyre in our division. That just really goes to show how tough that Eagles defense really is. I think Atlanta had five chances inside the 10-yard-line to win the game they had to hit one-of-five to get it in the end zone. And then even earlier in the game they had some chances. It still comes back to everything with Philly is predicated on the pressure they get with rushing four as good as it gets with a four-man rush. And they keep those guys fresh. They are good at putting pressure on you.

(On what the back end of the Eagles defense does to make it difficult to throw)

Well, the pressure helps the back end. Right? The pressure helps the back end and they have good players both in the front and in the back. They play a lot of nickel and dime coverages. A lot of nickel and dime looks, so they get those extra DBs out there. They do a really good job of passing routes off of matching routes as we would say. Theyre not complicated, but theyre really good at what they do.

(On the timing that Jackson and quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick have developed and how that came about)

Im not sure. Thats a good question. Im really not sure what the answer to that is. We were trying to get DeSean more involved last year, we just werent successful at it. He came out and had a really strong camp as far as his work ethic. Him putting in the commitment to getting better at it and the quarterbacks as well. Were off to a good start.

(On if linebacker Jack Cichy got called for a low block against the Saints during a kick return)

Yeah thats one of the plays that we turned in [to the NFL]. All those plays in the kicking game always trickle back to player safety. The rule is that even if youre trying to tackle the returner, you cant go low through a blocker to get to the returner. Its kind of a similar play to the one Charles Sims got hurt on at Tennessee in the preseason game. Its a lot easier to see those plays when youve got the clicker and youre running it back twenty times. Its a lot harder to see it when those guys are going fast. That was a tough call for Jack. Im not sure he couldve done it much different and he called it. Theres penalties like that. Weve just got to live with it.

(On Cichys ability to cover kick returns)

Yeah he did a nice job. He did what youre third, fourth and fifth linebackers, theyve got to be stalwarts on special teams and Adarius [Taylor] has been since hes been here. Cam Lynch has been since hes been here and for other teams and so Jacks the one new guy in that rotation. Hes got to do it.

(On if Chandler Catanzaros missed field goal got blocked)

I didnt think so. We didnt think he did, but the slightest nick can throw it off. It didnt look like it. Sometimes those things are really hard to tell, but I didnt think it did.

(On what slowed down running back Peyton Barber near the end of the game against the Saints)

We really didnt run it a whole lot. We were throwing it so well, we didnt run it a ton. When you get in the fourth quarter with a three-score lead it was 48 to 24 at one point youre going to try to take some time off the clock. It wasnt anything Peyton did. It was probably just game circumstances more than anything. Peyton played a good game.

(On if playing Panthers tight end Greg Oslen twice a year prepares the Buccaneers for Eagles tight end Zach Ertz)

Well, it helps you in the fact that youre going against another tight end that is similar to Olsen and on the same class as Olsen. Really it comes down to how team use them. You know, what are their routes concepts? What routes are you trying to stop that he runs? Other teams do that. A lot of teams in the NFL run similar concepts, but Ertz is a really good player. They know how to use him. I would say that we definitely look at him as in the same class as we look at Olsen when we play Carolina.

(On if the Eagles play different with linebacker Jordan Hicks in the middle)

No, they played the same. They were also missing [Nigel] Bradham last week another linebacker that was out. [Eagles defensive coordinator] Jim Schwartz hes been doing this a long time. Hes got his scheme and hes usually going to stick. Im sure every team has a few wrinkles on both sides of the ball for whoever theyre playing, but Coach Schwartz is known for those wide-nine technique D-ends, for an aggressive D-line that gets up the field and for rotating his D-line. Thats held true every time weve played against them going back a long ways.

(On if was pleased with the defensive lines disruption and pressure against Saints quarterback Drew Brees)

I mean obviously not. Wed love to do better that we did. Brees is one of the best, right up there at the top of the league in getting it off. Their passing game fits their style. Philly runs a different style passing game more RPOs. Theyre averaging something like 10 RPOs a game. Every week, different set of groceries so to speak, as far as what youve to stop. Our goal is one per 14 attempts. We werent close to that, so thats what youre shooting for.

(On how much defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul going down early affected the game)

Thats impossible to say, but the fact that he went back in and played when youre in a real game and you only have 46 guys, when guys go down, everybody has to suck it up. You only have so many guys in the game plan. Its impressive that he went back in and gave it a go. That parts good, but we still didnt get enough pressure.

(On what gives him confidence that his 46 guys are the right combination)

Because weve got no other choice. Theyve got to be the right combination. Theres not 46 new ones coming in thats every week. Youre 46 [have] to be the right ones every time thats your only chance.