Dirk Koetter on Jameis Winston's Week of Practice for 49ers Game

Sports Xchange

(On if having wide receiver DeSean Jackson off the field affects how other teams defend them)

“Well, that’s up to them. I think DeSean will be fine.”

(On how quarterback Jameis Winston practiced this week)

“Yeah good. He did a good job – really good.”

(On Winston wearing a visor affects his play)

“I didn’t even notice, to tell you the truth. I’m not sure”

(On safety Jordan Whitehead’s concussion)

“He’s in the concussion protocol still. We’ll know pretty soon here. He’s still in the protocol, so until he clears that one way or another then there’s really nothing I can say.”

(On how the backup safeties have developed)

“Isaiah [Johnson] has gotten a chance to play. Isaiah’s been around here for a couple years on the practice squad. He’s gotten a chance to play. Andrew Adams is another guy who’s played some in the league before and has been playing a couple different roles for us. His role had to change a little bit at the end of that Giants game and would possibly again. We’re hopeful to get some guys back here in the near future that could give us some more experience in the middle of our defense. Until then, the guys that are up have got to play.”

(On if running the ball more helps with limiting throwing turnovers)

“Yeah I think that’s one thing people tend to ignore is how much you’re playing with the lead and how much you’re playing from behind. Not only playing from behind, but playing two scores behind. That definitely changes the way you approach things. I think the teams that are at the top of the league in running the football are usually teams that either A: have a very strong defense or B: are playing with the lead most of the time.”

(On if facing early deficit affects the game plan)

“No not three minutes, not. That whole two score thing that’s more around the fourth quarter. Normal game is going to have somewhere around 11 or 12 possessions that you’re going to get. When you get down to that fourth quarter – you’re down two scores, you’ve got two possessions left – you better get in hurry up."