Dirk Koetter on Jason Pierre-Paul: 'I'm Really Fired Up'

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(On what he liked about the work on Wednesday)

"Well, it's always good to work against another team. Obviously, I only saw half of it, so I'm anxious to see the other half once we get back to the hotel. Obviously, we got some really good looks that we haven't seen on the third-down period and in the blitz period, for the guys to go against different-colored jerseys and just hear different calls out there. Nothing's ever perfectly clean, but we'll take a look at it and we'll come back tomorrow and do it again."

(On if quarterback Jameis Winston took more first-team reps on Wednesday than usual)

"It was pretty even. I'm sure Jameis got the most overall. Fitz [Ryan Fitzpatrick] took most of the one stuff when we were on this field and Jameis, when we moved the ball over on that field, Jameis took the ones over there."

(On if things weren't as clean as a normal practice because of the unfamiliar opponent)

"Oh sure, sure. Every NFL game on Sunday is a game of adjusting on the move. So this is the first time other than the Miami game where we had to adjust to stuff that isn't on the script. So that's awesome work for all of us. You see what other teams are working on, what other teams think is important. It's good work for all of us, coaches and players."

(On how well wide receivers Mike Evans and DeSean Jackson performed on Wednesday)

"Yeah, they were sharp, they were sharp. It started right off the bat in one-on-ones; they came out smoking. Just naked eye, I thought Mike had a really good day. DeSean didn't get quite as many opportunities, but when he did he looked good. It should be no surprise; those guys are good players."

(On team t-shirts with a discipline-driven theme)

"That would be a very long talk, so I'll just pass on that one."

(On Tampa Bay receivers facing Tennessee cornerbacks)

"When it's one-on-one, the offense should win. There's no pass-rush. That's an offensive drill. It evens out when you get to 11-on-11. They've got good corners, we've got good receivers – it's fun to watch those guys compete."

(On if it's tempting to throw the ball to Mike Evans on every play)

"That's pretty much what we do, I think."

(On if the teams will be in full pads on Thursday)

"Shells. Shells, but it will be a similar setup, a little bit more red zone, a two-minute drill. But in the NFL, shells and pads, there's not too much difference."

(On how defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul practices)

"Yeah, very pleasant surprise. I guess wasn't expecting JPP to be the practice player and the leader that he's been so far. I'm really fired up about it. Sometimes a guy that's got his pedigree comes in and is looking for ways out of drills, and that's not him at all."

(On if there's a difference in quarterback Ryan Griffin's confidence since he led the game-winning drive in Miami)

"Yeah, I just think our fans, the Bucs' fans, don't know the same things that the players and coaches know about Griff. He's been three years in our system, he knows it inside and out, he's a very accurate passer. When he has time to throw, he's going to put the ball on the money, and he did in the Miami game. I thought Griff had another good day out here today."

(On where quarterbacks Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota are as players right now)

"I'm not a good person to ask that, because I coach Jameis and I rarely get a chance to watch Marcus. We know where Jameis is at, you've documented that many times. I can't compare the two because I rarely get to watch Marcus."

(On if the Bucs are happy with what they have in Winston)

"Absolutely. Yeah, absolutely."