Dirk Koetter Talks Watching Film on Dallas WR Amari Cooper

Sports Xchange

(On if wide receiver DeSean Jackson playing adds to the team’s explosiveness)

“He’s one of the most explosive players in the league, so you would think so. We’ll just have to see how the week progresses here.”

(On if Jackson was having any problems with his thumb at practice)

“No. You guys saw it. You were watching.”

(On how the Cowboys defense has changed since they last faced each other in 2016)

“They still play extremely hard and that’s just a sign of a Rod Marinelli defense – how hard that front four plays. The main change is with Kris Richard coming in, they’re much more of a single-high team. They used to be a lot more of a split-safety team. Now they’re just way more single-high coverage.”

(On if playing single-high coverage allows the Cowboys to be more active)

“One safety, yeah. 38 (Jeff Heath) is a down safety, so he plays like a linebacker. They’re in eight-man front pretty much every play.”

(On what Cowboys wide receiver Amari Cooper has added to their offense)

“Just from what I heard – I wasn’t watching them then – but they said they had felt like they were lacking an explosive playmaker on the outside and he’s definitely been that. We had him as one of our game wreckers today and finding clips of him making explosive plays wasn’t hard. In the Washington game and the Eagles game – both – I mean, he made huge plays. I think he had close to 200 yards in one of those games, if not over that. He’s definitely given them a lift on the outside and they’ve had some injuries this year at tight end and some of their other wide receivers. They’ve got the number one rusher in the league (Ezekiel Elliott) and Cooper’s definitely given them a lift on the outside.”

(On no Buccaneers players being voted to the Pro Bowl)

“It’s a contest. It’s a voting contest. I’m the first to say I’m not qualified to vote. It’s great that they have it and the system is what it is. The third, a third, a third. If you really drill down and look at the votes, take quarterback out and look at how many votes win in some position. Plus, there’s a lot of good players in the league. If you’re picking three guys at a position from a whole conference, there’s 32 team chockful of good football players. I thought we had a couple guys that were deserving, but there’s guys deserving on every team.”

(On how much time he spends voting for players to make the Pro Bowl)

“More than I care to be spending on it. Of course, I admit I’m not qualified to vote for guys I haven’t seen.”

(On linebacker Adarius Taylor being back at practice and if the team is expecting him to play on Sunday)

“Hopefully. That baby should be coming here pretty soon. Hopefully tonight. I’m going to break out my crystal ball and say tonight.”

(On having how much having Jackson back helps wide receiver Mike Evan)

“Dallas isn’t really a big roll coverage team. They’re pretty much a straight up, one-on-one team. DeSean in the game – again he’s one of the fastest, one of the most explosive players in the league. That’s going to help everybody on offense – not just Mike.”

(On if Jackson has played up to the team’s expectations)

“Definitely in the first half of this season – there’s no doubt about that. He’s been out for a few games now and we had a couple games where we didn’t get the ball to him, but definitely in the first half of the season.”

(On if he’s seen a more prideful player than defensive tackle Gerald McCoy)

“I’ve seen a lot of proud players in my time and Gerald is an extremely proud player. He’s been an excellent player for a long time in this league. That’s what professional football players do. If they don’t have that – any guy that doesn’t have that, he better be really talented or he’s not going to be staying in this league very long. It doesn’t surprise me that Gerald said that. Also, you’re putting your work every week on tape for all 32 teams to see. Some guys are at the end of their contract.”

(On if other teams are starting to realize quarterback Jameis Winston’s success outside the pocket)

“No because like you said, most of those scramble plays are Jameis turning it into a scramble based on the rush on that particular play. You can’t really predict how those plays are going to happen. They happen for a variety of reasons. O-line might be off a little bit or a guy just wins on the defensive line or they have a pass rush game that disrupts the pocket, or the coverage makes him hold the ball.”