Dirk Koetter Tosses Candy at Reporters, Confident Mike Evans Will Bounce Back

Sports Xchange

(On how wide receiver Adam Humphries could add to the run game)

“Every game there’s usually some kind of a play in there. You look at the rushing at the end of the game – whatever Peyton [Barber] had then there’s usually one carry, DeSean [Jackson] on a reverse. By your formation or your group tendency, sometimes you’re just to do something different. We always do – on that particular play we were in what we call ‘01’ personnel: No backs, four wides, one tight end. Primarily you’re always going to throw out of that and we slipped in a run.” 

(On defensive tackle Vita Vea’s progression)

“I think Vita’s best football is in front of him for sure. He just hasn’t had much production. He’s given good effort. He has to get off blocks better and end up getting in on plays. It’s not about effort or anything like that, it’s just he’s having a hard time getting off blocks. He’s getting some penetration, but he’s having a hard time getting of blocks. Everybody progresses at their own rate and we’d like to see him come faster, but that’s what it is right now.”

(On the positive he sees from Vea)

“Well, you see his athleticism. You can see him chase and run and stuff like that. You can see all the things that we saw on his college tape, but we’re all judged on production eventually.”

(On how much the heat can be an advantage over the Redskins)

“That’s hard to say on the advantage. I always just look at it – now that we have the indoor – of like yesterday I was thinking about going in, the breeze picked up a little bit. On Wednesday, Thursday practices we run approximately 40 plays on each side – 40 on offense, 40 on defense. You’ve got a handful of guys based on who’s not practicing that day that are double dipping, that are working on both sides. It’s mainly for some of those guys – for some of the practice squad-type players – they might be playing like a real game both Wednesday and Thursday as far as numbers. We just have to be able to finish practice and be as productive as we can. On game day, I don’t think it will bother us. We played – that Philly game was 106 or whatever it was heat index on the field. For a team that comes down here, that’s hard to judge.”

(On facing two good running backs in Chris Thompson and Adrian Peterson)

“[Thompson] is actually playing well, he’s just been injured a lot. It’s hard to focus on a guy that really hasn’t played the last couple of weeks and didn’t practice again yesterday. Adrian Peterson – it’s right there on tape – you know exactly what you’re getting. Most teams have a change of pace back, so it’s not like we haven’t seen that from other teams. [Thompson] is having a good year and we’ll just have to see if he plays. That one stat that jumps out at you is their 5-0 when Peterson rushes for 90 yards or more and they’re 0-3 when he doesn’t. That tells you who better concentrate on stopping.”

(On his confidence in wide receiver Mike Evans having a better game against the Redskins)

“Mike was out yesterday, so today was Mike’s first day practicing and one thing I would say that I’m really confident in Mike is his ability to bounce back. I’ve seen him do it multiple times. I thought his comments – number one Mike always owns it. Whatever happens he always owns it and then second, he gave his opponent credit, the guy played a good against him. Mike’s going to have another good matchup. Mike sees the other team’s best cover guy most weeks and he’s been pretty successful doing it. I think Mike will be fine. I don’t really have a good reason for what happened other than [James] Bradberry had a good game against him last week.”

(On what the expectation is for the offense and not giving up sacks)

“Our goal is one a game which would be 16 for the season – tough to get. That’s just one of those things. The more you throw or the more you’re behind, the harder that is going to be to get.”

(On going for two when down 14 and scoring, as opposed to kicking an extra point)

“You’re down 14 and you score – now you’re down eight. None because you’re trying to keep all your options for as far back in the game as you can. I would think most people would say if you’re going to go for win at the end, you’d kick the extra point, be down seven then if you scored at the end to be down one, that’s when you’d go for two instead of putting more pressure on yourself to have to get the two-point [conversion] just to tie it.”

(On the mathematics suggesting a two-point conversion is a 50/50 proposition)

“You must’ve gone to a better math school that me. Maybe the league average is at 50 percent this year. Over time in the league, it’s been in the low 40s – it’s been around 43 percent so it’s really not 50/50. I just think most coaches in the league would say wait ‘til the very end. You’ve got to remember when you say – use your math – it’s 50/50, that’s over a season. We’re just talking about one game. The first time you do that and don’t get it in one game, then what questions will I be answering up here?”

(On if the team has been attacked on the perimeter on defense)

“I would just say people – pretty common in the NFL – are trying to force your corners to tackle. That’s a pretty common theme in the NFL that you’re going to crack block on their safeties, illegal crack on their safeties and make their corners crack replace. That’s definitely what we’re getting.”

(On if linebacker Kwon Alexander’s absence on the field has an effect on the lack of fumbles forced)

“Lavonte [David] is one of the best percentage-wise in the league, but I would say losing a player like Kwon hurts your defense period, across the board. Other teams have injury situations too but losing a player like Kwon hurts you in all phases. Trying to get more turnovers – like today in practice for instance, I think we talked about this earlier this week – two passes got tipped for interceptions, so that’s one way it can happen. I mentioned yesterday the sack-fumble. There’s a lot of ways they can happen, but it just hasn’t happened.