Gerald McCoy Calls Giants RB Saquon Barkley 'Incredible'

DT Gerald McCoy spoke to the media on Thursday during Week 11.

(On what he sees in Giants RB Saquon Barkley)

"I've been quoted as saying this league produces mutants, and he's another one of them, man. A game I was watching – I don't remember what game it was – he got 'tackled' and landed in, like, a full squat to where he was almost sitting on the ground, and he just stood up and just kept running. This dude, man, he's incredible. Any word – incredible, amazing, spectacular – all those words, that's him. I don't think he's even gotten close to scratching the surface of being a running back. He's just balling right now. When he learns how to be a true running back, it's going to get ugly."

(On if the Buccaneers can learn from how San Francisco contained Barkley)

"No. He's one of those guys that you kind of just do your game plan and it's got to be 11 to the football. You don't watch one game and [say], 'Oh yeah, they figured it out.' Nobody has figured it out. I don't think anybody will figure it out – he's one of those guys, generational guys. We've just got to attack him and make sure we get him on the ground. We can't trust that one person is going to get him down."

(On if he thinks Giants quarterback Eli Manning still has his edge)

“Yeah he’s still got it. You see how he finished that game last week? Yeah, he’s still got it. I don’t care what people say. Eli’s going to the Hall of Fame. I think he is. I think he should be. Until he stops playing, he’s always going to be that guy. I think once you’ve got it, you’ve just got it and it can flash at any moment. We go up there thinking that he [doesn’t] have it – all I know is last time we went up there it didn’t go too good for us and he put up some big numbers. We have one of their guys now on our side. Last time we went up there he put on a show against us too, so I’m glad he’s on our side. Eli is Eli. They’ve got a whole slew up there. They’ve got a guy that plays for them that went to the best school in the country – I don’t know who that guy is. Arguably the best receiver in the game, arguably the best young running back in football. We’ve just got a really good offense and if they get on fire it’s going to be hard to stop.”