Gerald McCoy on Stopping Ezekiel Elliott & Dallas Offense

Sports Xchange

(On if it’s special to go to Dallas to play the Cowboys)

“For me, yeah because I grew up really liking Dallas. I’m from Oklahoma City, so ‘our team’ was the Cowboys. It’s always fun to compete against them. Going there a lot of family get to watch me play. That’s it – nothing other than that.”

(On the key to getting Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott out of rhythm)

“First, it’s going to start with stopping the run and forcing him to just pass as much as we can. We’ve got to make him one dimensional. He’s at his best when they can get that run-pass option. Not a real RPO, but if they get the run going, they get the play action going and keep you on your heels. It’s going to start with us stopping the run because you know they’re going to run it. They’ve got top one/two/three running back in the league (Ezekiel Elliott).”

(On Cowboys wide receiver Amari Cooper)

“He’s always been a gifted receiver, dating all the way back to college. Got a breath of fresh air in Dallas and he’s allowed them to open the playbook. He’s a big play receiver. He can catch it short and take it the distance or he can beat you over the top. We’ve got to make sure we [have] eyes on him.”

(On how they plan to slow down running back Ezekiel Elliott)

“We’ve got to get 11 hats to the ball and make sure we wrap up. He’s hard to bring down with just one person, so make sure we are gap sound, control the line of scrimmage and get as many people to the ball as we can.”