Gerald McCoy: 'Opening Day is Going to be a Big One'

Sports Xchange

(On opening day against the Saints)

Its my ninth year, and to be blessed enough to see a ninth year in the NFL is huge. To be blessed enough to be on the same team especially a team I love, is even bigger. Even more than that Im competing against one of the greatest players to ever do It Drew Brees. So, I would have to say opening day is going to be a big one. I look forward to it. I couldnt wait for tonight actually. Football is back. I love it. I get an itch every time. My wife is like Football season is coming, youre starting to scratch you neck. Yeah, I love it man.

(On New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees)

 Nah, so heres thing. I think outside people think once you get to the NFL you lose sight of being a fan of the game and I think sometimes even the players think, Well I cant be a fan because now I have to compete against him. Im in the NFL too. I have to go against him. But me? Thats not the case. I love Drew when were not preparing for him. Right now, I hate him. I dont care if he knows. He knows I dont like him when were preparing for him. When were playing against him I dont like him, but overall, I never want to see him retire. I love to watch him play. I love to see him compete. Hes one of the most fierce competitors Ive ever seen. Ever been around period. As many opportunities as I have to compete against him, Ill take them because I love competition. You dont make it to the NFL unless you love competition, and I want to go against the best. I enjoy it. I have fun with it.

(On how to put pressure on Brees)

With Drew, you cant get frustrated. You cant get flustered. What you have to do is just keep playing the game. Drews almost 40 and whats made him so great over the years is that he doesnt get hit much. He doesnt get sacked a lot because of how well he prepares. He doesnt hold on to the ball. Hes one of those guys when you play against him you just have to keep going keep going. If you do things the right way not just doing it doing it the right way, eventually itll open up. You just have to makes sure youre doing things the right way.