Gerald McCoy: 'We Have a Chance to Turn This Thing Around'

DT Gerald McCoy spoke to the media on Monday during Week 10.

(On how frustrating the struggles on defense have been)

"It's very frustrating. I could go into all the negatives, but I'm not a negative person so I will speak on the positive. The positive is, it's only halfway through the season. We have a chance to turn this thing around. We've just got to come out and play, man. We've got to be more disciplined all of us, myself included – especially me – and we've just got to tackle better. Yesterday was just a game of not tackling. We just watched film where we had a lot of plays that we're [possible to stop for] one-yard gains, could have been loss of yardage, and we just didn't tackle. I'm going to say it, I don't care: This is the best division in football. So if you play a division game in this division, you've got to bring it, play-in and play-out, especially with Carolina. We've just got to be better on that end."

(On if there are enough defenders pursuing the ball on each play)

"I think guys are pursuing but we can do more. We can do more with the lanes we're in and discipline with the guys that we're supposed to force back in, guys that are supposed to make it bounce. Our discipline level has to be better."

(On his impression of new Defensive Coordinator Mark Duffner)

"I'll say about Duff: Immediately he brought a different type of energy. I'm going to say this first and foremost: I love Coach Smith, I love Mike Smith and what he brought, but every coach is different, just like [Defensive Line] Coach [Brentson] Buckner is different from Jay Hayes. Every coach is different. What Duff brings is, he brings energy. It's an aura around him that you can't help but feed off of. We've been doing it every week, we've just got to play better. That's really all it is. We've been practicing hard – it's not a lack of practice or preparation, we've just to perform on Sunday. We've got another opportunity, coming home. What better time to get it right than at home in front of our fans."

(On the Buccaneers' run of not forcing turnovers)

"In 2016, when we got on that run, in that span we took the ball away more than any team in the NFL. If we are going to make a run, that's going to have to be a part of it. That starts with a mentality in practice, going after the ball from every level – D-Line, linebackers, DBs. I believe it is [happening in practice]. I don't know why it's not translating."