Jameis Winston: 'It's the Closest Feeling to a Game'

Sports Xchange

(On the play of the Buccaneers receivers today)

“First of all, I’ve just got to thank the Titans for letting us come out here and compete against them. I think it’s so much fun playing against different guys every day. When you’ve got guys like Mike [Evans] and DeSean [Jackson] paired against Malcolm Butler and the [second-year cornerback] 25 [Adoree’ Jackson], oh my gosh, he’s incredible. So, it’s just good to get out here and compete.”

(On if he had the chance to speak with Tennessee quarterback Marcus Mariota before practice)

“No ma’am. I just know he’s a great guy and I just love seeing him out here competing.”

(On Tennessee’s defensive backs)

“Those DBs, man. Those DBs, with Logan [Ryan] at nickel, they’re really good. They have a really good defense, [I have] a lot of respect for those guys. I’m blessed to have the guys that I have on our offensive side to go out there and compete against them.”

(On practicing against an unfamiliar opponent and if it’s close to game speed)

“Yeah, it’s the closest feeling to a game that you get. We play against our guys every single day and sometimes they can predict some things that we’re throwing at them and sometimes make it unfair, especially on the defensive side when they’ve seen the same guys every single day. When you play against new guys, we get as much work done as they get of playing against us, too.”

(On the process of adjusting his reps throughout training camp and if it can help him get better)

“Yeah, absolutely. I’m blessed for our depth chart to have a lot of talent where we can still get that quality work. Definitely working with a lot of different guys makes me improve as a leader and as a player and I’m glad that those guys are out there working their tails off and competing to the best of their abilities, and so am I.”

(On defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul’s impact on the team)

“Especially him being in Tampa where he grew up is really important to him. You can tell that he really loves football and being a great veteran guy, we look up to guys like that and we love his tenacity and enthusiasm, bringing it from the Giants.”

(On what might be different between this road trip and previous years’ practices in Jacksonville)

“Well, it feels good out here in Tennessee today. Jacksonville’s a little bit more toasty, but it felt good. It felt great to compete against a great team and we look forward to tomorrow.”