Jameis Winston on Facing Cam Newton and Panthers & Playing for His Son

QB Jameis Winston spoke to the media on Wednesday of Week 13.

(On what is challenging about playing the Panthers)

“Very disciplined defense. They have one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL – as with every team in our division. We’ve just got to play a complete football game and execute.”

(On how different his leadership style is)

“When I first came in I really only had one way. Just discussing with some of my teammates, you have to be able to lead in different ways because some people they react in different ways. Some people need a rah-rah guy, some people need a more cool, collected guy. You’ve got to know the time and the place to use both of those techniques.”

(On how he has changed on the field)

“I think having a son it makes me feel – like I was talking right after the game last week how grateful I am to play this game because now I have a reason to play this game even harder, even better. Because I have a son, I have someone that is depending on every decision that I make, on every pass I make, everything that I do – his life is dependent on what I do. It’s a privilege and it’s a blessing to have this job – a job that I love and a job that God has blessed me with these talents to go out there and compete every day at practice, every game for my family and for my son. It’s unreal, man. It’s hard to describe. Like you’re feeling like when you’ve got with your son. I’m sure people who have kids, I talk to you all the time about your son. It’s just – it’s different, man, it’s different because you know who you’re playing for every Sunday. You know why you’re coming in this building at 5 o’clock in the morning – for him.”