Jameis Winston Ready to Face Atlanta Falcons

Sports Xchange

(On the importance of being able to play in Week 4)

“I think it was critical to get my feet wet, and that was a great defense too. Having that experience against a great defense was good.”

(On the offensive talent on the team)

“Every year I just reflect on how good this team has gotten. That gives credit to Jason Licht and to the hard work that these guys who came in with me have been putting in since they’ve been here. I’m just blessed to have the opportunity to quarterback a team with a good offensive line, dynamic guys on the outside and great guys in the back field.”

(On playing well against Atlanta)

“Every time I play Atlanta, I just imagine growing up in Bessemer, Alabama, being an hour away from Atlanta, seeing Michael Vick running around [doing] his thing. It’s always been a dream to compete against Atlanta and win against Atlanta. Definitely going back to Atlanta is like a home game for me. That’s how I view it because all my family, they come up. They show up and hopefully I’ll show out for them.”

(On the biggest differences between last year and this year)

“I just think my mentality just to go out there and win for this team. If that’s taking 3-yard completions for the remainder of the game, if that’s having to hit a deep shot down the field, my main focus is just winning, not really stressing about anything. I just want to put my team in a good position to win.”