Jason Pierre-Paul Can't Wait to See Vita Vea Grow as Player

Sports Xchange

(On the development of defensive tack Vita Vea)

“I can’t wait to see him grow. He’s starting to come along. He’s a rookie, man. I can’t say too much about rookies because I was one at a particular time. He’s growing, he’s growing, he’s growing. I can see the growth. I can’t wait to see him in year two when he’s tossing people around and knowing how to use his strength because right now he’s a rookie and he’s coming along pretty well. Injury happened with him and took him out before he could actually play a real game. Right now, he’s learning, learning and he’s coming along, so I can only imagine into next year. I had a talk with him already. I said, ‘Next year when you come in here, they’re going to be expecting big things from you and I’m going to be expecting big things from you because what I see you doing now, man you’re a big guy and you’re just tossing people.’ I’m excited to see him keep growing and excited to see what he [has] next year in store.”

(On the development of defensive end Carl Nassib)

“He’s developed great. Came in here off a waiver I think. GM (Jason Licht) picked him off the waiver and came in and filled those spots in and became a big-time player. I always tell him, ‘Man, next year, people are going to actually play you for a lot of things, so you’ve got to come up with a whole bunch of things in your book and keep it there and just become a better player.’ I think he’s become a better player. His growth – like I say – they’re just growing, man. I don’t know what year this is for him – I think three I guess. This is his third year. This is year nine for me going on 10. All I can do is teach him what I know – that’s the only thing I can do. Teach him what know and what I have seen. That’s basically it.”