Jason Pierre-Paul on Facing QB Eli Manning and His Return to New York

Sports Xchange

(On playing quarterback Eli Manning)

“Eli is Eli, man. I know one thing – if he’s hot, he’s going to continue being hot. We’ve got to get after him early and he knows I’m coming. I’m coming Eli – I’m coming. Just letting you know. “

(On how he’s going to handle running back Saquon Barkley)

“Tackle, that’s it. You know obviously he’s been doing great, but tackle. I’m going to be okay.

(On the team’s mentality)

“I think the mentality of the team is fine. Like I say, it’s all about the players – the coaches too. – but we’ve got to play the game. Times like this, we’ve just got to step up. The leaders have got to step up. Myself, that’s all I can do and hopefully guys follow behind me. If they’re doing something wrong, I let them know because times like this your mind can wander. Your mind can wander, but it’s crucial that you’ve got to stay focused because we’re not out of it. Just like the Giants think they’re not out of it. They’re completely right. You just never know how things will shift or turn. Just keep playing great ball and we’ve definitely got to start fast this week. I know we say it each and every week. Last week it was difficult, but I feel like we started fast, but we’ve just got to finish the game.”