Jason Pierre-Paul on Facing Redskins QB Alex Smith

DE Jason Pierre-Paul spoke to the media on Thursday during Week 10.

(On what stands out to him about Redskins quarterback Alex Smith)

“He’s a very good quarterback. I played against him a couple of times and [he’s] actually a very good quarterback. That really all I can say about him. You never know what you’ll expect from him. I know he keeps the ball alive to get his players in position to make a play. We’ve just got to contain him and go out there and play our best ball, like I said. He’s a good quarterback.”

(On the defensive line)

“It has to start up front. I think it’s going to be up to the D-line and Coach Buck (Buckner) always says, it’s up to the D-line that we’re going to have to take it over from here, and I believe so. It always started with the D-line with the great wins in the Super Bowls and the playoff runs – we had the D-line going. I think for future reference you’re going to see us getting after it. We run to the ball in practice and just trying to do the extra stuff to get guys going. I’ll say, man, I’m always out there on Sunday, and whatever comes, comes.”

"At the end of the day, you just keep on fighting. Those tough times make it even better when you get to your destination."