Koetter on Ryan Jensen’s Penalties, Discussion About Turning Point vs. Saints

Sports Xchange

(On how he addresses the team to inform them that they are still in the hunt for a playoff spot)

“Yeah, well everything you said there is true, but I didn’t say any of that to our team. I think you just play them. We talk about playing the best we can every week and wherever it falls, it falls. Even though that’s all true, that’s not what we talked about today.”

(On what issues he saw on the offensive line against the Saints)

“Today’s ‘Blame Monday’ and usually the quarterback and the O-line get the most blame when things don’t go right. We just didn’t play very good on offense, period. We had three explosive plays in the first drive of the game and then we only had three more the whole rest of the game and two in the last series when they were letting us check it down. I think the whole story of this game was missed opportunities on offense, from an offensive perspective. We had I think four times in the game where we had solid field position and were ahead of the chains and didn’t finish it off. We missed two field goals on those. We had I think 70 plays on offense. There were different guys at different times. It wasn’t just the O-line. It wasn’t just the quarterback. A couple time we had wide receivers on perimeter blocks where Peyton [Barber] was going to bounce it and it still ended up being a four or five-yard gain. Those could be eight-to-ten-yard gains. A couple times, Peyton didn’t read the hole very good. We had a couple players blocked and he tried to take it somewhere else. Those are just examples. There’s the penalties, we had a couple dropped passes, we had a couple overthrows. It’s just a combination of all that. Both of those teams had under 300 yards of offense. You wouldn’t have guessed that going in. I’m sure both teams’ defenses feel good about what they did. I only speak for our own offense, we’re not usually under 300 yards. We’ll just take that – we didn’t execute good enough. We’ll give the Saints the credit they deserve as well.”

(On if he noticed anything that led to kicker Cairo Santos’ missed field goals)

“Yeah, well I didn’t know, I didn’t see it on tape. I just see how the ref didn’t do this (make the successful field goal motion). You know? He did the other signal. As I said yesterday, just like I’m not putting anymore blame on anybody else, but Cairo’s got to make those kicks. He knows it, I know it. He’s going to make most. For whatever reason, between 40 and 49 yards this year, we can’t make a kick. We’re pretty good under 40 and over 50, but we can’t make a kick between 40 and 49.”

(On center Ryan Jensen’s penalties)

“First of all, when we brought Ryan here, we knew he was the type of player – we wanted Ryan to bring the type of player with Ryan’s aggressiveness here. We talk to Ryan about playing close to the line, but not crossing over the line. He had a personal foul yesterday, he had a holding penalty. There [were] a lot of plays that got called in that game yesterday – some went our way, some didn’t go our way. Officials have a tough job. I personally did not agree with the personal foul penalty. It was on a downfield screen and Ryan, he’s being aggressive on that play. It wasn’t a cheap shot by any mean. He’s running and about the time the whistle blows – on the film you can’t see when the whistle blows – he hits the guy and the guy kind of turns back into him and Ryan’s trying to jump over him. We don’t want Ryan to have penalties. By his own admission, he does cross over the line sometimes. He also had a holding penalty and on that particular one, it wasn’t the most blatant holding penalty – his hand kind of got caught in a guy’s face mask. Do we want to get penalties? No. Do we want him to totally change his style of play? No.”

(On the Saints game being a loss that lingers)

“Our approach on that – all losses or wins for that matter can linger for 24 hours. We’re not there yet. Today, our focus is putting that game to bed. We showed good plays and we showed bad plays. We made corrections. We went over where the game changed, where the crucial plays were. We always talk about five or six plays in a game that you just don’t know when they’re coming. We went through those situations today. We’re mostly talking about the New Orleans game. Again, Mondays in our room is putting the prior game to bed. On Wednesday, we’ll start talking about what’s in front of us which is the Ravens. Our advance guys have looked at the Ravens, but as coaching staff we’re just now starting to do that.”

(On during wide receiver Adam Humphries not earning a helmet-to-helmet flag)

“At the time, of course we’re trying to say why isn’t it called when his helmet comes off like the that? The official on the sideline told me that he hit him with his shoulder and when you really slow it down on film it looks like maybe he did hit him with his shoulder. That’s one of those bang bang plays. Looks to me like he got it right.”

(On the blocked punt)

“They had a twist on between the two outside guys and they had that exact same twist on more than once and we handled it. On that particular one, the inside guy got stuck and didn’t get off on the twist. We’ve handled that twist before. They had two good rushers there. We thought they had three really good punt rushers. We really keyed in on three of their guys that we thought we really good punt rushers. They had two of them side-by-side on that play and we just didn’t handle the twist. That was the biggest of the key plays of the game.”

(On if the special teams mistake is something to overcome)

“We still had the lead and our defense was still playing extremely well. I think just from that point on, we just didn’t hardly make any first downs on offense after that. As I said last night, we went from almost 17 minutes of time of possession, 16:40 in the first half, to like 12 minutes in the second half. Our defense just wore down in the fourth quarter. We didn’t tackle as well – we’d been tackling fine up until the fourth quarter. They’ve got some kind of stat out there – what’s your percentage of winning after having a punt blocked and it’s not good. I don’t know exactly off the top of my head what it is, but it’s an extremely high number.”