Mark Duffner Loves Jason Pierre-Paul's Energy and Attitude

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(On one area he thought the team improved on against Cleveland)

“Well, one of the objectives for every team in the NFL is eliminate explosive plays, big chunk yard plays, if you will. Certainly, that was a big, big factor for us. Give credit to them, their getting paid to execute on the other side of the ball too. We had two runs – to the quarterback scrambled and the run that popped on us. That team was I think third or fourth in the league in rushing. Last week somebody was asking was it still an objective to stop the run? It certainly is. I was pleased with some of those things. Again, our third down defense stood out. We got pressure on the quarterback, sacks. Lavonte [David] getting the takeaway – we need more, but was a critical play for us on one of the two fourth down stops. There was a lot of positive things right now and that’s attribute to the players and the coaches in terms of everybody preparing to do that. That is more like what we want to look like and what we work hard to put on the field.”

(On his mindset in simplifying the defense)

“Certainly, when you put together a plan, you try to take advantage of the strengths of your players. I think you want to make the shoes fit properly and that’s kind of where it goes a little bit. The objective is – you’ll always hear coaches saying, ‘We’re going to play fast. We want to play fast.’ Well, how do you go about doing that? You’ve got to take inventory in putting together a plan and putting together a practice plan that allows the defense or the respective side of the ball to be able to execute it in a high fashion and that’s what we talked about in the very beginning – this game is about execution and how do you get to that point. I’m a big believer that repetition is, I mentioned that. A lot of people pitched in a little different type of schedule week. Again, what the result was a collective effort of a lot of people.”

(On linebacker Adarius Taylor)

“Adarius Taylor is a young man that I had the privilege to get to know during the pre-draft preparation when he was coming out. I had kind of struck up a relationship with him. He made a serious mistake and opted to sign with another team as a free agent. Lo and behold though not too long later I wound up here in One Buc Place and he was in the room. I’ve know him for a while. Very versatile player. Has been trained at all of our spots at linebacker and has performed also on the special teams and he’s a football player. Like everybody we’ve got in that room, we’re expecting him to all prepare to play. Each player is asked in that room and all the other rooms to prepare to start. We’ll see how this works out this week.”

(On what linebacker Lavonte David means to the defense)

“Lavone David’s been a staple here and a stable, if you will – strong, if you will – person and contributed this program for a long time. Yes, we are very blessed to have him in that capacity versus a person certainly who’s a ball player. Being a captain of the team and one before – his leadership, his example, his knowledge is going to be counted on heavily and it is every week. At this point, we’ve got some new roles being determined during the course of the week and his contribution as a leader and as a player is just as strong as ever.”

(On the Bengals offense)

“When first talk about Andy Dalton, a very strong competitor, smart quarterback. A guy that can be very streaky, but a very savvy guy as far as that’s concerned. He’s about number two in the league in terms of ability to get the ball off. I think [Tom] Brady’s number one, he’s number two in terms of withstanding pressure. Very experienced, productive quarterback. And then, A.J. Green – you’re talking about an elite receiver. A guy that commands everybody’s attention. He’s got 40 catches. Just a terrific player – admire the heck out of him. I think with Tyler Boyd, he’s got 40 catches too. They’ve got weapons. Their running back, [Joe] Mixon, my gosh. We talk often times about front side and back side in terms of pursuit, well in this game, everything is front side. This guy, wherever he goes, he’s making moves and he’s got acceleration. He’ll be a great challenge to out pursuit on defense and also as a receiver.”

(On how much defensive end Jason Pierre Pail means to the defense) 

“Jason was one of our co-players of the week on defense and his energy and effort is terrific – I love the guy. I just can’t say enough about how hard he plays. He comes out and he does it the right way. Think he’s got certainly great talent. A lot of people have talent, but he’s been able to turn that talent into production largely because of his attitude and his desire to make plays – to be a playmaker. We’re real excited about Jason and what he’s contributed and what we expect him to further contribute to the defense.”

Defensive End Jason Pierre-Paul

(On how important it was to get the third and fourth down stop and in overtime)

“We line up on the goal line – that was a critical down. They [were] going for it on fourth down and guys just knew we couldn’t let them in and that’s what we did. We just played all out. First time – they actually got in one and then the second time we [were] like, ‘Okay, they’re not going to get in,’ and we stopped them. It was just a want to. We didn’t want them to get in and I think anytime it’s goal line, it’s a want to. That’s what it was.”

(On if this was one of his better starts to the season)

“I won’t necessarily [say] it’s a better start. I’ve always been the same player. It’s probably hard for people to see, but I’ve always been the same player that I always was, it’s just hard for people to see. There’s nothing I’ve changed in my game to make me boost up the energy or go even harder – it’s just me player. It’s a want to. Any time [there’s] a want to in what you’re doing, you don’t care what it is.”

(On why the defense was more successful with getting sacks)

“Obviously, we’ve got guys down. It’s no secret we’ve got guys down and it’s tough. Like I say, in this game, you never know. I look [at it like] this – as long as you go out there and do your job – whatever the coach [is] asking for – it’s going to wind up being okay. At the end of the day, it’s just football. If you see the ball, go get it. Nobody should tell you how to hunt a ball. I that’s what Coach Duff wants us to do even more, but I’m always hunting. If I see the ball, I’m going to get it regardless of what’s correct and what’s not.”