Mark Duffner on ‘Quieting’ Explosive Offenses, Talks Newly-Signed DB Josh Shaw

Sports Xchange

(On if there will be more of an emphasis on red zone defense with the high scoring games trending in the NFL)

“Red zone defense has always been a huge emphasis, but right now it’s scoring defense. You’re looking at the same things we’re looking at. Again, when they’re in the red zone – we’ve got to keep them out of the end zone, whatever it takes. Certainly, down there where the game shrinks a little bit based on field size. Right now, the execution continues to be at a premium. Again, we want to make them line up again, make them defend every inch we’ve got and let’s play the next play, but defend every snap.”

(On what stands out about 49ers running back Matt Breida)

“Everything. This guy is quick. He’s got excellent change of direction. He can stop on a dime like people say and cut and get vertical on you. He can cut back. I mean this guy has got really good skills athletically and I think he sees holes pretty well. He’s got a good receiving capability as far as him out of the backfield, so this guy’s a real threat for them. Right now, he’s in the top 10 as far as what his production has been in the league. I’m very impressed with the guy.”

(On 49ers tight end George Kittle)

“First of all, he’s got 50 catches. I think he’s second in the league in yards after the catch. This guy’s got speed, he’s got power, great hand. He tends to find open seams and pockets in the coverage. Very productive player – really have a lot of respect for this guy and the production he’s given to the 49ers.”

(On 49ers quarterback Nick Mullens)

“I like the fact that it doesn’t appear like it’s too big for him right now. He’s been able to be pretty poised in his play. He knows where he’s going with the football. I think they’ve done a good job of directing him as far as that’s concerned. It doesn’t look like he gets rattled as far as that’s concerned – that’s what I mean by the poise. I like the competitiveness I see by the guy. I like the poise that I see by him.”

(On what offensive coordinator Todd Monken has told him about Mullens)

“He’s told us about him as a young man and a player. Everything that he’s talked about. Of course, he loves the guy and it’s come to fruition in what we see on the film.”

(On where defensive back Josh Shaw will be able to help the defense)

“Well, he brings – number one – a lot of skill, a lot of experience. We’re going to see how he is right now in terms of what we think the best spot for him will be as we watch him in the practice plan. I like the experience he’s got, I like the athletic skills he’s got. The make-up that he’s brought to us in the way he understands and has started to learn. We’re excited to see what he can contribute.”