Mark Duffner on Scouting Saquon Barkley, Odell Beckham Jr., Giants Offense

Sports Xchange

(On the defense playing well against the Redskins)

“Well, I think the players as much as anything – I think opted to. We had a really good week of preparation and I think that they opted to take that to the game and the big push has been from the beginning – consistency. Consistency – play each quarter, each play as hard as you possibly can and I think we took a step forward in that regard there. Certainly not still what we want, but closer. Again, we’re going to itch and scratch and do whatever it takes to get a win.”

(On what he saw from how the 49ers defended running back Saquon Barkley in Week 10)

“I think that this guy, number one, is an exceptional talent. You see that in terms of what he’s done in the run game, what he’s done in the pass game and what he’s meant to their offense. I mean, the guy’s commanding a sizable amount of their production. I think that they were able to again, stay proper in terms of gaps and proper in terms of coverage and not let this guy get wide open or in a space where he can really make you miss. That’s going to be our objective too is to be proper and disciplined in run fits and also in terms of coverage where you don’t give this guy a lot of space because he can hurt you.”

(On Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr.)

“He is a special, special player. You watch this guy, whether it’s in making spectacular catches, he’s done a great job in terms of reverses and things of that nature. He’s right at the top, he’s a very special player.”

(On what he sees from Giants quarterback Eli Manning)

“Well I see this – I think that first of all, he’s in a completion percentage right now about as good as he’s ever been. I think that this is a little bit of a new offense for him in terms of the scheme. I think he’s showing improvement in that. His play is reflective of the entire 11 guys on offense and so I think that they’re doing things to allow him to be as productive as you can based on their personnel and based on the scheme that they’re running right now. He is, again, a guy who still is playing at I think a very strong level. It’s a guy we’re going to certainly be at our best against as we defend him this week.”

(On how defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul will be playing against his former team)

“He certainly has demonstrated both in the practice plan and in the game plan a very relentless effort and attitude in terms of how he plays, so we’re going to look for him to continue to be consistent in how he plays and the kind of effort that he puts forth and the production he gives. I’m excited to see him play against them.”