Mark Duffner Sees Long-Term Potential in Rookie Carlton Davis

Sports Xchange

(On what areas the defensive improved on over the season)

“I think our ability to generate rush has been one of the areas for sure. We’ve also cut down explosive plays which is important for us to get done – so that’s been a plus for us. Obviously, there’s much, much [more] room for improvement across the board. We’re having I think less mental errors and these type of things. The execution is what we’re striving to be as consistent as possible and I think we’ve taken some strides in that.”

(On the defense’s performance at Dallas)

“I was pleased. We had some goals in the pass game – a team that could run it real well. If we had a couple better tackle situations, we really could’ve had some success in the run game, but we were able to hold that team down to total yards and yards and even points. As far as that’s concerned, that was a plus. A lot of positive things. Again, the number one goal is to win the game.”

(On if cornerback Carlton Davis III will be a starter in the NFL long-term)

“I think he is. I think he’s got the length and the speed and the change of direction. He’s certainly a confident player – that’s a spot you need to be confident in. He’s got a lot of the attributes that we think are necessary for a guy to be a successful corner. So yeah, I’m excited about where I think he’s heading.”

(On what he likes about safety Andrew Adams)

“As I kind of said before, he’s a football player. This guy just wants to play, number one. Number two, he’s a smart payer, he’s an adaptable player, and so he’s got those skills which we’d like to employ. I just like the fact he doesn’t bat an eyelash on whatever you present to him. He’s going to go after it with every ounce of energy he’s got. That’s what I like about him.”

(On the kind of presence defensive tackle Gerald McCoy has on the field)

“He’s out there in pre-practice. He’s out there before practice working out and doing sprints, doing different things – skills, bag drills, rush drills and things of that nature that is not required. He’s doing the extra, if you will. A lot if of it’s what he does in the classroom in terms of the study – very studious in terms of his preparation. Again, a lot of extra work on and off the field – on and before practice.”