Mark Duffner: Vita Vea is Playing Dominantly and Physically

Sports Xchange

(On defensive tackle Vita Vea’s progression)

“I’ll tell you again, the positive right now is just what you said – he’s getting better game after game after game. That attribute to Coach [Brentson] Bucker and Coach [Paul] Spicer and certainly to Vita and his preparation weekly. He’s playing dominantly at the moment and we’d like that to continue. That helps the entire defense. When you’re strong up the middle, you’re going to be strong overall. We’re anxious for him just to continue to have that kind of production. I think again, it’s reflective of his preparation, but it’s also just again the more reps he’s getting. He’s kind of now more in the midseason for him because of injury and so forth early on in the year. We’re anxious to continue to see him be in that productive mode.”

(On what Cowboys wide receiver Amari Cooper adds to their offense)

“He’s added speed, which they already have, but he added speed and productivity and long-ball opportunity. Just another explosive weapon in an offense that’s got very, very good players, another one comes aboard and it gets even more prolific. This team is playing at a high level right now. They’ve been really – from a run and pass standpoint – productive and scoring points. It’s going be, like I said, a very formal task for us.”

(On how the secondary has improved over the season)

“I think they’ve not allowed big plays. They’ve kind of kept things in front of him and played with I think a little better technique. I think that that’s probably the biggest thing right now is that they’re playing with some confidence and making plays. I’m pleased that these people when they do come in they’re accepting the opportunity with the role they get and doing their best with it and that’s all you can ask.”