Mike Evans Believes He Will Break Carrier's Single-Season Receiving Yards Record

WR Mike Evans spoke to the media on Wednesday during Week 16.

(On the last two games of the season)

“We just want to win when we can. It feels good to win. Even though we’re out of contention, it still feels good to win. Christmas is coming up. It’ll be good to have Christmas sitting on a W.”

(On breaking Mark Carrier’s single-season receiving yardage record)

“Hopefully I can get it. I should be able to. I’ve just got to have a good week of practice this week and I think I should be able to get it this week hopefully. If not, then next week.”

(On how he will face the Cowboys secondary)

“Just playing my game. Do what I’ve been doing all year. They play a lot of man coverage and I like going against man coverage, so just beating man coverage and whenever they give me some odd looks, other guys will be open.”