Mike Evans: 'We Want to Win Badly'

Sports Xchange

(On how much of his Bye Week is spent thinking about the Bears game)

“I forget about it the day after. I watched the film, came in, got some good stuff out of the film and I went back to Texas as soon as possible. Enjoyed time with my family.”

(On what to expect with two teams playing that are hungry for a win)

“That’s going to be a good game. We know them, and they know us, so we basically know what we’re going to be in and they know what we’re going to do. We’re that familiar with them playing them over the last five years two times a year. We’re familiar with each other and we’ve just got to execute better than they do.”

(On how the Falcons defensed looks with some of their main player injured)

“It’s pretty much the same. They’re a one-high team. They’ve added a little more two-high safeties to their game plans, but they’ve been playing a lot of good receivers. That might be it. They might do the same against us. They’ve lost two really good players on the backend. We’ve lost some good players on our defense as well. I think we’re both desperate. We haven’t won in three weeks – Bye Week and two games – so we want to win bad.”