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If you've ever been connected with high school sports in any way, you know "Senior Night" is a big deal.

It's an opportunity to recognize the graduating class of student-athletes in a particular sport for their accomplishments. The seniors are typically surrounded by immediate family, close relatives, the lot. It's a special moment for the athletes and those who have supported them along the way.

But when your dad is a professional athlete, things can get tricky.

Like Friday night's "Senior Night" festivities at Tampa Catholic High School's football game, where the son of former Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive lineman Gerald McCoy was honored. Unfortunately, McCoy is with his teammates on the other side of the country, prepping for Sunday's road game against the San Francisco 49ers, and was unable to attend.

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But football is family.

That's why current Bucs Mike Evans, Lavonte David, Jameis Winston and Donovan Smith filled in for their former teammate Friday night.

It had to be difficult for McCoy to miss his son's special night, but having a brotherhood that goes beyond the logo on your helmet can make the distance seem much smaller.