Bruce Arians Gives Clue on Bucs' New Uniform Design

Luke Easterling

Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans have been clamoring for a uniform change ever since their current duds were unveiled in 2014. Now that the team has made it official that new uniforms are indeed coming for the 2020 season, those fans are now champing at the bit for any clues as to what the new ones will look like.

It's just a small tidbit, but Bucs head coach Bruce Arians gave fans a sliver of evidence Tuesday.

Speaking to Mike Florio and former Bucs quarterback Chris Simms for NBC Sports, Arians admitted that he'd seen a sketch of the new uniforms, and that they more closely resemble the look Tampa Bay wore during their Super Bowl era.

Arians joked that he was disappointed the team didn't ask for his input in the redesign, considering how stylish he is himself.

The Bucs teased earlier this month that new uniforms might be on the way, then confirmed the fact with an official announcement Monday that an unveiling would be happening in April. This will be the third major redesign in franchise history, with the previous changes coming in 1997 and 2014.

Check out the full interview with Arians at NBC Sports, which includes bigger topics such as free agency and Jameis Winston: