OC Todd Monken: Ronald Jones Going to be a Really Good Player

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(On how wide receiver Chris Godwins standout play against the Saints last season has propelled him into the 2018 season)

Well, hes big, fast, smart, physical, the consummate pro, takes care of his body, always studying the game. He knows all the spots on the field, so it gives him an opportunity to take advantage of his skillset. Thats really what it does. Hes improved steadily from the time he got here until now and you guys have seen it. Weve seen it and hes a good player.

(On quarterback Ryan Fitzpatricks preseason)

I though he [had a] really good preseason. The biggest thing with all the quarterbacks is not turning it over, and thats what we didnt do. Thats the number one thing. Theres no stat for how many five-yard or 10-yard completions you get that gives you a chance to win. Its the turnovers that kill you and theyve done a great job. Thats a carryover from practice.

(On what makes wide receiver Mike Evans a great play-caller)

Well first of all, Mikes had a great camp really has. He got banged up a couple weeks ago, but hes had a great camp. First of all, hes a number one receiver in this league, so that in itself gives you the comfort when you need a play, Mikes going to put himself in a position to make a play not only with his size, but also his ability to make contested catches.

(On how big of a challenge it is to win with a backup quarterback)

Well I dont think its very big at all. We went 2-1 last year with Fitz as our quarterback. Its a team game. Weve got to play well around him. I thought we played well around him last year. I think weve played well around him in the preseason, so I dont see that at all as an issue.

(On what makes New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees a great quarterback)

Decision making and accuracy, probably. I mean, he gets it out of his hands. He doesnt wait. You know, I think his decision making is elite. I think his accuracy is elite. I think those are obviously two pretty good characteristics to start with. I think thats the decisions he makes and the accuracy.

(On if he has more confidence in the offense)

Well, first, as I talked about, is the turnovers. I think thats the start. Thats where it all starts. I think as you mentioned, the weapons: Chris Godwins a year older, O.J. Howards a year older, we brought Cam [Brate] back, I think Mikes [Evans] played better, Hump (Adam Humphries) is a year older, our O-line, bringing Ryan [Jensen] to the mix. So I just think Caleb Benenoch a year older thats probably as much as anything, just you still have the same core guys that are you older players, but I the think the younger players are only going to continue to get better.