Offensive Line Coach George Warhop Calls Alex Cappa a "Very Bright Player"

Sports Xchange

(On how much he likes the depth at offensive live)

I like it. I thought it was a very competitive camp. The 10 guys we kept, I think earned the right to be here. We had some young guys that did a nice job, that progressed, that we werent able to keep. I thought camp did what it was supposed to do. It created competition and we had to let some quality guys go.

(On Mike Liedtkes development at left tackle)

Mike came in the league as a tackle. Early on, he was playing tackle and when he got here we moved him more inside to guard and to center. And then when we needed some help at tackle, he slid back out there. Its not foreign to him and its good to be able to do a lot of things. It gives you more opportunity and he took advantage of it.

(On what offensive lineman Adam Getttis showed him to make the roster)

He and Mike [Liedtke] are very similar in that theyre both very flexible. He hadnt played a lot of center coming to this he had played some. What he displayed was a calm during the games. He understands the game, communicates very well and every week he got better and better. Again, he gives us more flexibility inside.

(On what he likes from guard Alex Cappa)

Again, transitioning from tackle to guard. Very, very, very bright. If you were in our meeting rooms, hes like a four-or-five-year vet in terms of understanding and answering questions and where withal. Just a matter of getting used to playing inside. Things are closer guys are closer so you have to be more efficient with your hands which is coming for him. And, its a much more physical game inside than it is at tackle, which he really doesnt have a problem with. Its just different.