Jason Pierre-Paul: 'This is Not the 2017 Bucs'

Sports Xchange

(On his improvement over the course of training camp)

Training camp is tough man. Ive been doing it for nine years, but training camp is always tough. Especially out here in Tampa, the heat just makes you want to fight [laughs]. Training camp has been rough, but its going well. We already know that its a grind out there. Weve got grown men out there just grinding, even rookies are grown men, but its just a grind out there. I think the tougher you are, the better you are going to be. Were all out here doing the job that we have to do and guys are getting chemistry together. Were just creating a bond with the whole team.

(On what hes learned about his new teammates)

Everybodys different. Just because you have nine years in the game, down to a rookie, everybodys different. Weve got to learn how to play with each other and communication is the key to the whole thing. I feel like without communication, its not going to work and thats with any team you go to. But were doing a lot of talking out there. I see us picking up more and more as we get through training camp. We only have two more games left, so weve got to pick it up in two more games, then its real. It gets real.

(On how strong the defensive line is going to be)

We dont know yet. Lets not jump way up here, were right here, and were trying to get up there. But, were going to be a special group. Ill just say, were getting our communication down pact because were just starting to talk and pick it up with each other. And thats like I said, its training camp. Learning the guys, and yeah were going to say things to each other that we dont like, but at the same time I would never say something to you thats bad. That wouldnt help you. Ill just take criticism and move on. I know he said that behind my head and okay, lets work on it. Thats how you get better.