Dirk Koetter on Sergio Bailey: 'One of the Most Improved Guys Out Here'

Sports Xchange

(On offensive tackle Donovan Smiths injury in practice today)

Well have to see. When guys get hurt in practice, we take them in, we have the docs look at them, and they run their test, and well know something later, at a later time.

(On Smiths ability to play through injuries)

Thats probably one of Donovan [Smiths] best characteristics. Hes very reliable and very durable over the course of his career. We just have to see. Obviously were hoping for the best, and well just have to see what happens.

(On if it has helped having offensive lineman Mike Liedtke play in these first two games)

Sure. Yeah of course.

(On what player has shown the most improvement on offense and defense)

Oh, putting me on the spot. Im going to have to take a pass on that. I just, I cant. My brains cloudy right now.

(On how corner back Vernon Hargreaves III looked today after missing practice)

He looked really good. We had several guys back today. When youre practicing like this, youve got guys coming out, guys coming in. Hopefully youve got more coming in, then you do coming out, but Vernon looked quick, he looked fast he was communicating. He had a nice sack out there in team period so it was good to have him back.

(On safety Justin Evans leaving practice early today)

What else? Guys I cant talk about injuries alright. Thats foolish. You can ask me every day but I cant tell you. Youre just wasting time.

(On if he could tell the media when a players injury isnt severe)

Well I could, then everyone in the world knows. So, thats why. You cant.

(On wide receiver Sergio Bailey II and his progress so far)

Sergio Bailey, one of the most improved guys out here, really doing a good job. For a guy from Eastern Michigan- not necessarily a school you would think of- has come out here and done a heck of a job learning all three positions. He shows up and he makes plays every day.

(On the battle for the last linebacker spot)

One of the biggest questions is going to be how many are we going to keep? And then what is the health status of Kendell Beckwith going into the season? So thats going to way in to the whole linebacker scenario, and what I would say is, linebacker is a lot like wide receiver. We have really good competition basically from four through seven. Its a lot like wide receiver. All of those guys are doing some good things. They all show up at different times. When youre a backup at either wide receiver or linebacker, special teams is going to factor in as well.

(On a linebacker playing special teams and helping them solidify their spot)

Cam Lynch is a proven special teams player, but hes also a little bit more of a vet. Thats always tricky. Young guys versus vets. Upside versus where theyre at right now. Thats something that Jason [Licht] constantly has to weigh and thats why these last two weeks are still really important.

(On if linebacker Jack Cichy has come back from injury well)

Yeah I think so. I think he went through a little period there where taking the brace- off like most players- and getting used to the metal part of being hurt. Youve got guys at your legs, and there are people on the ground. Thats not a comfortable feeling for those guys. I think hes through it, and hes done a good job so far.

(On the play where offensive tackle Donovan Smith got injured)

I didnt see it. It was a running play and he was on the backside, but I didnt see what happened.