Dirk Koetter on Ryan Fitzpatrick: 'He's Great for Jameis'

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(On the energy in practice compared to the day before)

"It was good. It was good work. There was the threat of rain, there was talk we might have to go inside. There was a lot of good situational work and I thought our guys competed well. That was a good practice, good work."

(On rookie guard Alex Cappa getting some first-team reps at right guard)

"Well, Caleb [Benenoch] actually got a little banged-up in the first 11-on-11 period, so after that I'm not sure what happened. I know Caleb did come back in, I just don't know how that worked out over the course of the day."

(On if cornerback Ryan Smith is okay)

"I don't know anything about it."

(On what the team will do with the tape from the two practices in preparation for Saturday's game)

"We'll go back and study up tonight, go over this tape. Tomorrow we'll have some more situations [in a walk-through]. The next 48 hours we just really [do] the mental work for the game. Since you practiced against a team for two days, you'll tweak your formations and your defensive alignments and just make a few adjustments so we're ready for Saturday night."

(On how it helps to have Ryan Fitzpatrick in the quarterback group)

"Oh, wow, Ryan just look at his experience, not only as a player but he's been in a lot of rooms and a lot of systems. He's great for Jameis [Winston], heck he's great for me. I enjoy talking to Ryan. He's got really good input on situational football like we did today. He's a lot of fun to have in there."

(On two-minute drills at the end of practice)

"Yeah, we had some two-minute situations, some down-on-the-clock situations. Everything was 'need-a-field-goal' except for the last couple 'need-a-touchdown' plays. Maybe right at the very end I thought practice kind of those two two-minute drives went so long I thought maybe the energy faded just a little bit right at the end. That was a long practice. Shoot, two hours and 40 minutes, that's a little bit longer than we normally practice. So, good day all-in-all."

(On rookie running back Shaun Wilson)

"He's looking sharp. Obviously you don't like to see a guy miss time when he's banged up, but Shaun should get his first action Saturday night and we're excited to see what he can do."