QB Jameis Winston Returns with a 'Changed Perspective'

Sports Xchange

(On returning after his suspension)

“I think the most important thing is being back in the building. Yesterday was kind of an off day, so I got here at about 5:30 [AM]. Didn’t see a bunch of smiling faces coming in, but today everybody came back energetic and it felt like home. I’m excited to be back.”

(On the team’s success)

“What do you think about it? I’m so happy that we’ve had some successful games and we’ve got to keep it up. We’ve got to continue to go out there and win football games.”

(On his prediction that quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick would be successful)

“Of course, I practice with him every single day. This guy hasn’t been playing in this league for 14 years for any reason. Plus, when you add the weapons that we have outside when you add our intense – the hardest workers in our building is the offensive line. When they’re protecting the way that they are, you can do nothing else but to go out there and light it up. I’m excited for Fitz and I’m excited as a whole as a team were playing very good. Like I said, I’m happy to be back in the building and we’ve just got to keep it up.”

(On what he did to be ready when he returned to the team)

“I did my best impersonation of what it would be like as an in-season schedule being here. I got the guys from Orlando-area. Ft. Lauderdale, Lakeland. Louis Murphy even came out there and threw a couple passes – brought him out of retirement – and we just went to work. I didn’t want the guys in this building to be working hard and I wasn’t out there doing my thing. Other than spending a lot of quality time with my family – because I didn’t have a chance to spend time with my Buccaneer family – we did a lot of great things. After every practice, I catered meals to my teammate just so I could have that team-bonding that I missed here. I feel like we had a pretty good plan together.”

(On what it’s like watching the team from afar)

“I think it’s exciting. I’m at home – sometimes you don’t want to hear the people in your house, so I’ve got to get to a place by myself because I’m all in it. It’s exciting man. We’re having a lot of success and I want that will continue and I know it will. Me being back, nothing’s changing. I’m just happy that I can be a part of that. I’m happy that when we have a win I can come off a dap guys up and celebrate with them. That’s the part that you miss – that team bonding – because we do this together and it’s tough going out there and getting wins.”

(On if he feels like he did everything he needed to do to stay in shape)

“Yeah, I had some coaches come in. I did it like a real thing. I had George Whitefield [Jr.] come in. I had John Beck come in, so I got some individual work. I got my trainer Otis Leverette come in – he’s my personal trainer. We worked hard. I went to work. Like I said, I couldn’t let these guys out work me even though they had the facilities and everything. I was fine with SkyWay doing our thing out there.