QB Ryan Fitzpatrick Expects Huge Things from TE O.J. Howard in 2018

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(On if knowing hes going to start weeks in advance is more of an advantage than knowing days before a game)

I think that the reps that I was able to get with some of the guys during training camp I think thats helpful. You know, having a year under my belt of being comfortable in the offense and then getting some time to throw some balls to those guys to interact and talk with the lineman to get on the same page. And Ryan Jensen being a new guy in our system, the more time the better, and because of the situation, I was able to get a few more reps than I normally would.

(On what he admires about Drew Brees)

I think the first thing as a quarterback that I look at and that I have a ton of respect for him in is his consistency every year. Week-in and week-out, year-in, year-out, his ability to perform at a high level consistently is not easy to do. So, I admire that from afar for sure and you know, even just Drew in general, not your prototypical size-wise and all those things. QB, but a guy that came in and against from a far not knowing him just seems like he has the ultimate confidence in who he is and his ability and well thats turned into a Hall of Fame career for him.

(On what makes Mike Evans such a reliable player)

Well, Mike has a ton of range. Obviously, his combination of the speed and the size are special and hes a really confident player as well. Hes a guy that we feed off of his energy, his play making ability and its just something I was watching some high school film the other day its something that hes always been able to do, and hes a fun guy to be in the huddle and to look at him at the line of scrimmage even to know that hes on my team thats a fun feeling for me.

(On what confidence he has in this team)

Its yet to be determined. The group that we have this year, weve got to go out there and do it, but the potential is there. The talent is there in all position groups, but potential only goes so far. Weve got to go out there and prove it, but so far the way those guys especially in that receiver room the way that theyve worked this offseason and the attitude they bring to practice every day, the skillsets, the different varying skillsets that we have in that room are really impressive, so does that mean a whole lot? No, if we dont produce. Weve got to be able to Ive got to be able to spread it out to those guys and let them do what theyre good at and hopefully the production comes.




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