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REPORT: Bucs Bruce Arians hospitalized for multiple days in October

Turns out there was more happening behind the scenes with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers than we knew.

There's been a lot going on with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this season. 

Between retirements, unretirement, injuries, and some words of disgruntled players from time to time, the product on the field has been only a portion of where the focus on the team has landed. 

And with it all, we all have a tendency to forget there are human beings living this NFL life we cover and discuss. 

With those lives, there are sometimes some very real moments that reside off the field, but mean much more than the score of any game.

“On the night before the Atlanta game, we had a house full of people,” said Arians in an interview with Ira Kaufman of “We ate and I got these pains way up here, like two knives going in. The more I tried to take a breath, the worse it got.

“I took some TUMS, thinking it was indigestion, but it just got worse. I called (wife) Christine back to the bedroom and said I can’t shake this pain. We called 911 and they put me on a stretcher to Tampa General.”

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The Bucs won that game. But they lost the next two. 

And in the midst of it all, some wondered if Arians might be the answer if he stepped down from his executive position and back onto the sidelines. 

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Arians first retired as the head coach of the Arizona Cardinals after the 2017 season. 

The health of Arians and his quality of life moving forward were big talking points at that time, just as they were when he retired this past offseason. 

And now, they'll continue to be. 

As he continues to serve as an advisor to general manager Jason Licht. Still near the action and the game he loves, but without the long hours (even if slightly reduced for him in Tampa previously) and stresses of being the man on the spot when the team wins, and even more so when they lose. 

“Thankfully, the scans showed no fluid, no heart damage and absolutely no blockages,” Arians said. “They had a cardiac radiologist look at everything and they ended up giving me anti-inflammatories.”

Great news, coach. And hopefully even better now that the Bucs are winning again, and enjoying an off week before visiting the Cleveland Browns next weekend.

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