Ryan Fitzpatrick on QBs Alex Smith, Aaron Rodgers and the 2005 Draft Class

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(On what he sees from O.J. Howard in the red zone)

“We saw it in the offseason. We talked about it. I thought he made a huge jump and in training camp you really started to see it and it’s carried over into the season. He’s just been a really consistent player for us. He’s always going to be a matchup issue. Whether it’s a linebacker, safety or a corner, he does a great job. I think confidence-wise too, just making some more plays and getting confident, that plays a big role in some of these young guys just in terms of playing as big as he is out there. I’ve got a lot of confidence in throwing him the ball.”

(On wide receiver Adam Humphries and the rest of the receiver corps)

“Adam stepped up and played well. He’s always the guy – when given the opportunity – makes plays. That the nice part about where we are on offense right now in terms of everybody being healthy and having a number of different playmakers, depending on what the coverage is and where it dictates to go with the ball. We’ve had a lot of guys step up all year long.”

(On what Humphries does well)

“First, as a quarterback, you trust him. You know he’s going to be in the right spot, you know he’s going to do the right thing, you know that you’re going to be on the same page. He works his tail off in practice every single day and he’s got a lot of quickness to him – that good, subtle burst that he has. You saw it on both touchdowns that he scored with the nifty route on the short one and what he’s able to do after the catch on the second one. He’s been a consistent playmaker for us all year long and will just look to continue that and continue to get better at it.”

(On Redskins quarterback Alex Smith’s career and being in the same draft class)

“Yeah, me and my buddy Alex [Smith]. He was 249 picks before I was, but we’re both still here. I still really enjoy playing the game. I know he does too and it’s been fun to watch his career as it’s developed. Being the number one overall pick, it hasn’t always been perfect in every spot he’s been, but he’s really done a great job throughout his career staying the same and dealing with adversity. I’ve definitely admired from afar the way he’s handled himself throughout the 14 years.”

(On Redskins quarterback Josh Norman and the Redskins secondary)

“He’s obviously a great player. He does a good job. I think they’re playing really well on the back end. The addition of [Ha Ha] Clinton-Dix and I’ve played with D.J. Swearinger – played with him in Houston, played against him a few times when he was in Arizona. He’s playing at a really high level. His ball skills and his instincts – you can tell he really relies on that and has done a great job all year. They’re playing well on the back end and really the strength of their defense too. Those front seven and especially those front three, four, five guys that are creating a lot of havoc. They’ve done a really nice job defensively.”